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Our Apostolic Lady’s Girls and Kpoo Keke, Keke Kpoo…Oh!

botchway July 5, 2019

Letter to Senior Opupulepu (54)


Dear Senior Opupulepu, by the Grace of Yahweh the Almighty, I greet you. I hope you are do fine. I am also do fine, fine, except that I am a bit confused about something to do with putting into practice the instructions of Yesu Christus.

Senior, we are told that there is spiritual food and spiritual drink, as in food and drink in the incorporeal tense. Food and drink that you can take more than your body weight and size and yet you will never become belly full; in fact, this kind of meal is very common among the followers of Yesu Christus Emmanuel’s first and only church He founded, I am referring to the Church of Sanctam Catholicam, aka the Oramus-Ora Pro Nobis Church. There they serve members with some small flat bread that will not even fill your mouth, and if they are lucky the bread will be dipped into some wine and given to them. Yes, just a wee tip, in fact, less than a drop will be sufficient, because the church elders will never take chances, in case somebody like you, and please I do not mean you, drinks and overdrinks and get drunk and start fooling around. That bread and wine, they claim, is the Physical Presence of Yesu Christus Himself.

In fact, this Sanctam Catholicam people have taken what their Lord and Master said in the sixth paragraph of Johannes personal skuul notes in lines 53-58 just too seriously, that anyone who eats His Body and drinks His Blood shall never die, and even if he dies, he will inherit the graces of Easter Sunday and rise never to die again.

So, Senior, every Catholicam person will chew and drink what they believe and behove to be true is in fact the Body and Blood of Yesu Christus. Please inform your friends who like food and booze not to consider converting to this Oramus church if they think that barbeque and palm wine are served during church service. If that is what they have in mind, then they should go the nearest Blue kiosk near them.

Senior, so what is confusing my mind? You wait some… I will get there, just allow me to build the story. In the last notes of Afro Moses, paragraph 14 line 26, we are all ordered to use our money to buy khebab, as in chinchinga, and ogyateshie, as in ogoglo or spirit, and eat, drink and enjoy our lives, after all, what is man?

In Nana Solomon’s wise sayings paragraph 31 lines 6-7, Yahweh decreed that ogyateshie should be given to the one under pressure, and palm wine to those nursing broken hearts, so that they will forget their sorrows. Amen to that!

Now, Senior Opupulepu, another wise saying of Nana Solomon states in paragraph 22 in line 6, we are again instructed to teach a child how he should walk in life, so that when his bones become hard, he will never walk sideways.

Senior, it now in this vein that I am going to state the reason for this writing to you. You see, there is a certain skuul belonging to the Sanctam Catholicam called Our Apostolic Lady at a hamlet where they use Hoe for everything at all, in peace times and in war, for domestic and for public, in sickness and in health.

Senior, some of these skuul daughters of Eve decided on a decision to be filled in the physical form of the Spirit, so that their bodies learn how to behave when filled with the spiritual Spirit, you can say some dress rehearsals or practice. So they put into manifestation Yesu Christus’ command, and did in memory of Him by transubstantiating an alcoholic beverage in His Blood.

Senior, these daughters of Eve are well cultured and well brought up, so they decided to choose on a drink that even though it can make you see two-two, three-three, it is called kpoo-keke, which in the Kpakpo shito clan language means quietness and calmness; oh what a wonderful choice.

And I can also add that they have been following what Rev. Father does on the altar in front of the congregation, by adding the softest drink, in this case, water to the wine, but for them they added to this spirit which is well represented with very high alcoholic levels, some portions of black Fanta or what they call Caca-Cola. By that they hoped to reduce the population of the alcohol in the drink, to the legal permissive level for small, small pickins. Besides that, water is a scarce commodity in the skuul where they hardly have enough to bath, so using water was completely out of the question and equation here.

Senior Opupulepu, this ceremony of communion wine festival where these skuul daughters of Eve partook reverently, singing praises to whoever and whatever, but certainly not to Yahweh, Yesu Christus and the Spiritum Sancti was brought to the public domain by some skin pain persons who were gentiles and unfit to partake in the Lord’s meal.

Senior, I am confused, because if the young go against the Word of Yahweh, as written in Sacred Scriptures, the adults will rebuke them and accuse Wofa Abonsam for tricking them to do all that is evil and all that is wrong.

Now that these daughters of Eve have decided to have communion wine service to be filled with the Spirit, the adults are again very angry and are condemning them.

“Wow,” combining Why and How in this matter, I am at lost as to why the small, small girls are now been pursued by the authority, like how the early followers of Yesu Christus were chased about.

But Senior, come to think of it, why should such daughters of Eve in a Catholicam skuul, decide to conduct communion wine service when there is no Rev. Father around to change the liquid substance into the true Blood of Yesu Christus?

Are they not aware that when Yesu Christus was educating His apostles how to prepare that divine meal, He did not include any woman. And there is a good reason for that.

Senior, the meal was to be prepared quickly, as in like fast food, because salvation is now and cannot and should not be delayed. Putting a woman in charge of the meal’s preparation will take ages and salvation will pass homo sapiens by. They will be very particular about the level of salt, pepper and other spices added to it. The fire has to be high sometimes, and low sometimes, and worse of all, they will allow the meal to be on slow fire for a long while before serving. And with all these hours passing by, souls will be physically and spiritually perished.

So if Yesu Christus Emmanuel commanded only men to prepare that sacred meal, why should daughters of Eve assume that position of becoming cooks? In fact, they need to be scourged like how Yesu Christus was scourged. This is the only fault I find in what they did. That does not mean I condone and connive swallowing of alcoholic beverages among the young and beautiful. These young students of Our Apostolic Lady’s were only doing the right thing at the wrong time.

I am Dan, sorry I am Done.

It’s Me.


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