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Rains worsen deteriorated Tarkwa Dompim Ahwitieso road

botchway July 4, 2019


It is worse this rainy season travelling on the Dompim Ahwitieso Tarkwa road on the main Takoradi to Tarkwa highway, considering the already bad nature of the road.

Regrettably, the continuous downpour this season has rendered the already bad road worse to travel on.

The pothole-ridden road has now turned into a ‘water reservoir’, as the water stays in the potholes for hours before eventually evaporating.

This development has made it extremely difficult for vehicles and commuters to use the road. For some time now, residents of Tarkwa have been up in arms to compel the government to fix the road once and for all.

It all started when the chiefs, who make up the Wassa Fiase Traditional Council, defied tradition, took off their cloths and took to the streets to demonstrate over the poor state of the road.

The chiefs gave the government a three-month ultimatum to fix the road.

The ultimatum interestingly has ended, with the road still in an even worse state, particularly this rainy season.

When the Western File reporter visited the district, he saw that the road had become extremely worse this rainy season.

The rains have contributed to the already deteriorating state, making it extremely traumatising to travel on.

The picture below clearly gives evidence of the poor and worse state the Tarkwa road has turned into.

Recently, a pressure group, Concern Citizens of Tarkwa, took to the streets to protest over the poor state of the road, but nothing good has come out of the protest.

What is worse, the contractor who was working to put the road in shape has also abandoned site. Asabea Construction claims the government has refused to pay him for the work done so far.

A reason the contractor has abandon the road. For now, it is not known when the contractor will move to site.


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