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TTF Limited holds BRV Clinic and Workshop

botchway July 3, 2019


By Inusa Musah

So that tanker drivers stay healthy to carry petroleum products to fuel and lubricate the economic engine of Ghana for growth and development, Tema Tank Farm (TTF) Limited has held a BRV Clinic and Workshop for its transporters.

The safety campaign, dubbed: ‘Bulk Road Vehicle (BRV) Clinic and Workshop’, is the first edition by Tema Tank Farm Limited to remind and sensitise the drivers, whose contribution to national development cannot be discounted, on the need to be careful on the road.

Given the crucial role tanker drivers play and the systematic and unsystematic risks in their operations, it was important that from time to time, TTF Limited creates a forum where already known and emerging risks in the transporting of these inflammable products would be discussed.

That way, workable preventive measures could be brought to bear on the drivers to safely contribute to the development of the nation.

TTF Limited, operators of the Chase Logistics Depot, prides itself in making safety a priority, so in line with its adherence to safety standards, it has promised to organise a series of such clinics and workshops for its customers, to add more value to the storage services it offers.

In 2018, the TTF depot alone received 29,240 BRVs and loaded 1.1 billion litres of petrol and diesel, nonetheless, the road to the depot is so horrible, posing a danger to lives and properties.

“Significant taxes and levies are generated for the state, and obviously, this is not the road for such business of carrying inflammable products as hydrocarbons,” Bartholomew Darko, Acting Managing Director of TTF Limited, complained.

The clinic was on the theme: ‘We mean safety; all accidents are preventable’, and Alhassan Tampuli, Chief Executive of National Petroleum Authority (NPA), in a speech read on his behalf, said the theme was very appropriate, as it was in line with his outfit’s ongoing safety campaign that was launched in October 2017.

Per the NPA’s records, 3,468 BRVs have been licensed to haul petroleum products in the country, and these include 3,164 white product BRVs, and 304 liquid petroleum gas (LPG) BRVs.

And considering the frightening road carnage statistics the National Road Safety Commission released from January to April 2019, the NPA observed that road crashes involving any of these 3,468 BRVs could be catastrophic, due to the hazardous products they carry.

According to the National Road Safety Commission, as many as 4,434 road crashes were recorded, with 850 resulting in fatalities, and 4,546 recording injuries.

Since BRVs are the dominant mode of transporting petroleum products in the country, and, therefore, the vehicles playing a key role in the distribution of same, the NPA said it was undertaking several measures to ensure the efficient distribution of petroleum products, while not compromising on safety.

And some of the measures include training of BRV drivers, pre-loading inspection of BRVs, installation of tracking devices on BRVs, and rigorous inspection of BRVs by licensed companies before licensing BRVs.


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