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My dream confirmed by another dreamer

botchway July 2, 2019



(Advocate against cheating and of peaceful co-existence)


Avid readers of this column may recall that an article headlined “What a strange dream?” appeared here in the Tuesday, June 18, 2019 edition of the paper.

In the article, I recounted a strange dream I had, in which I found myself occupying the position of a police boss.

One day, I was in my cozy office, when a middle aged woman, cloaked in a mantle of self-importance and sophistication, but visibly subdued in a mess of emotional agitation, entered.

Her mission? She had contracted a woman to poison another woman to death. The victim, the woman of the world explained, had snatched her husband.

The contracted woman, who was the victim’s close friend, had been arrested by the police. The lady contractor, therefore, feared that the arrested woman would expose her by telling the police the truth.

Due to this fact, she wanted me to cover up the crime, by ordering the investigator to leave the suspected murderer and let the public know that “they are still investigating the case, till it dies a natural death.”

For my reward, the murder contractor gave me a cheque worth US$5 billion to be shared among all those, even including the victim’s relatives, who could help in the cover-up.

I decided to arrest the high-class rogue of a woman, but my wife shook me and I woke up sweating, ending a very strange dream.

Recently, I was in my town, and, as usual, I met my friends. There was a strange face among them. I was told he had visited his parents – cocoa farmers in my town. It was a Saturday afternoon and the sweet, warm and frothy ‘palms’ (palm wine) was ready.

As we sipped the ‘ntunkum’ – sweet type of the palm wine – I recounted my dream. The stranger told us he had a similar dream one night. Unlike my dream, during which my wife shook me to wake up to end it halfway, the stranger was not disturbed in any way, thus, he had his full dream.

In his dream, a very wealthy man had also contracted a woman to murder a man who had been in land litigation with the rich man’s wife.  The would-be female assassin, in turn, contracted another man to do the job for a fee.  The wealthy man had paid the woman US$3 billion, but she did not have the nerve to execute the job.

The two conspirators were successful. Intelligence, however, led to their arrest, and the wealthy man realised that his reputation was at stake. He, therefore, moved heaven and earth to cover up the case.

He first saw to it that the arrested suspects were released with the explanation that they had been wrongly accused and arrested. His wish was done at a huge cost, which inured to the instant prosperity of some law-enforcement agents and others, including the victim’s family.

I told my friends to put down their reactions to the two dreams in writing for me to let the reading public know.

All their reactions, generally, had the common denominator of condemnation and curses in the strongest terms against the contractors, who obviously thought they had been able to outwit mankind by misusing their wealth in the court of man, completely forgetting that they will, eventually, appear before the Heavenly Court, where their dirty wealth cannot save them.

My friends unanimously believe that God is behind all successes chalked by the sons and daughters of this transitory life, and that, using them to eliminate fellow human beings, even, created in God’s own image, is an everlasting curse on themselves and their families, who will never grow wings to fly into the firmament; just as nemesis awaits all those who are sworn bed-fellows of cheating and enemies of peaceful co-existence.

My friends drew the attention of murder contractors to Genesis 4, verse 10, where God told Cain, who had murdered his brother, Abel, that the latter’s blood was crying to him from the ground.

In the same vein, the blood of victims of murder contractors will continue to wail to God, who will eventually place irrevocable curses on them, for vengeance will always be His.

I commended my friends on their rich sentiments.

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