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How to do pregnancy test with salt and urine

botchway July 2, 2019


Pregnancy test with salt is considered to be one of the most reliable homemade pregnancy tests. Also it is much cheaper than a regular one and it is completely free, because everyone can find a bit of salt in one’s kitchen. By the way, there are lots of rules of thumbs to check out if you are going to become a happy mother. And today, we want to get you acquainted with them.

A homemade pregnancy test with salt is one of the most popular and reliable one among the test of this nature. Although, the procedure for this test is quite simple, there are different reactions described. But all of them are united by one thing – the occurrence of the reaction itself. So, if you are already intrigued, let’s get to the details, how to do a pregnancy test with salt and urine.

All you need is any transparent container or a simple glass (you can use plastic or glass one) and salt itself. It is recommended to use a fresh sample of urine, taken from the first exertion in the morning right away after you have woken up.

Add a little quantity of salt to your urine sample (about couple three fingertips). You will be able to observe the result in two hours.

After time passes, you can check the results and see if you are pregnant or not: If you can observe the formation of white and bold foam on its surface, then you can be sure you are pregnant. If nothing changes, then it means you are not pregnant.

Another reaction described requires the same tools and time taken: If the result is positive, the salt will be decomposed in the urine. And it will mean you are pregnant. If the salt state remains unchanged, then the reaction is negative, and you are not pregnant. Any of these reactions can be perceived as a positive signal of pregnancy.

Keep it in mind, that this pregnancy test doesn’t always give you the iron-clad guarantee, as can becomes foamy even after the contact with the urine of a woman who is not pregnant. So, anyway, we recommend you to check it several times using other methods.

Remember that a salt pregnancy test, like all the homemade pregnancy tests, is best to be done in the morning when you have just you woken up. It is explained by a higher concentration of the urine at this time. How to do pregnancy test with salt and urine?

You probably won’t even have to leave the house, since everything you need is already in your closet, pantry or the farthest – in your garden. No need to follow complex instructions.

It is enough to follow simple recommendations to make a homemade pregnancy test, which uses the same fundamental science achievements that are in service with doctors and pharmacists.

Despite the fact that home or homemade pregnancy tests sometimes can indicate the presence or absence of pregnancy in a woman with sufficient accuracy, they are not a complete replacement for the prenatal antenatal clinic.

And the later is simply necessary for the birth of a healthy baby, as well as for mother’s health. Having fun with the popular pregnancy tests, you should not neglect the modern highly intelligent pregnancy tests; you should use all the available benefits that modern medicine can offer.

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