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NDC, Sworn Enemy of Peace?

botchway July 1, 2019


To be mbued with a high level of the virtues of tolerance, patience and respect for the views of others is Godly. When, however, such views are the product of warped mentality and a camouflaged agenda of deceit, insincerity and destruction of a good cause, then such views and those who express them must be treated with the contempt they deserve.

This is exactly the reason why all right-thinking and unbiased people in society must treat, with the bitterest contempt, the insincere views of the leadership of the National Democratic  Congress (NDC), vis-à-vis the  current popular wish to ban the phenomenon of vigilantism, which threatens the very foundation of peaceful co-existence in the country.

No ancient prophets should come from their graves to tell us that the fact that due to the competent manner in which the Akufo-Addo administration has been ruling the country, it (NDC) does not have a dog’s chance of winning the 2020 elections genuinely.

Thus, the party has pinned its hopes on the violent activities of its vigilante groups to scare away would-be voters in queues, etc., during the forthcoming elections. Members of the party seem to have settled on this mode of snatching victory, more especially, since its treacherous agenda towards this cause has been exposed in a video recording.

The former President, Mr. Mahama, thinks his mission to transform the country into an earthly paradise was not completed before he was booted out. He, therefore, wants Ghanaians to give him another chance.

The Chronicle believes that Mr.  Mahama can achieve his aim if he embarks on a clean campaign, and convinces the now highly-discernible Ghanaians that he can now competently handle the economy of the country.

The paper, however, is disappointed that Mr. Mahama has been thinking of using violence to achieve his aim, hence, the delay tactics the leadership of the party has adopted towards the eventual removal of vigilantism through legislative means.

Perhaps the leadership of the NDC has forgotten that killing the beast tagged vigilantism is a cherished wish of President Akufo-Addo, who has already indicated that whether the political parties involve themselves in consensus building on the issue of the banning of vigilantism or not, he is determined to see to it that a law is enacted to ban the phenomenon.

The Chronicle fully supports the President’s bid to rid the country of the menace, against the background of the fact that peace has been a sought-after commodity in the markets of world forces. Thus, all enemies of peace, including, of course, the National Democratic Congress, must be ignored.

The paper thinks that the government of this God sent visionary leader is pampering the National Democratic Congress beyond the boundary of tolerance on the issue of the banning of Vigilantism.

We believe the NDC’s delay tactics are aimed at preventing the Vigilantism Bill to be passed before the 2020 polls, so that it can use its Hawks, etc., to its advantage.

The President must not allow that to happen. The bell is in his court and the whole country is behind him to defeat this sworn enemy of peace.

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