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Police should bodily check taxi drivers & compartments of their cars at night

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Police should bodily check taxi drivers & compartments of their cars at night

botchway June 26, 2019


Taxis, since time immemorial, have been one of the safest means of commuting in our towns and cities. A journey that will take a trotro (mini bus) two hours to complete, can be covered by a taxi in just 45 minutes. Unfortunately, armed robbers now think it is the most convenient way to carry out their nefarious activities.

A story we have carried elsewhere in the paper today, indicates that a young lady who had closed from work and was on her way home last night, was robbed at Dansoman, a suburb of Accra, by a taxi cab she hired to take her home.

According to the lady, after taking her handbag, which contained money, her phone and other items from her, this criminal put his hand into the upper part of her body, with the claim that she had hidden money under her breasts.

After satisfying himself that no money had been hidden in the dress of his victim, he pushed the lady who was sitting in the front seat out of the car and drove away with his booty.

Previously this time of crime was unknown in Ghana, but this is the situation confronting us today. It is no more safe to hire a taxi because you might end up being robbed at either knife or gunpoint.

This development is going to affect the livelihoods of genuine taxi drivers, because people may decide to boycott their services.

The Chronicle is, therefore, calling on the police to intensify their patrols, especially in the night, to apprehend some of these criminals. We similarly call on the police to do thorough checks on taxicabs to uncover some of the weapons used by these criminals who are masquerading as taxi cab drivers.

Apart from their bodies, some of these weapons such as guns, knives, and scissors, among a host of others, are hidden under the seats of the car, the carpet, or the glove compartment.

According to the lady, whose story we are reviewing, the driver pulled a pair of scissors from his pocket and used it as a weapon to rob her. Ever since the Kumasi kidnapping case became public, The Chronicle has realised that the police in Accra in particular have intensified their patrols and snap checks, especially in the night.

We urge them to maintain this exercise to curtail the spate of armed robbery in the country. We also appeal to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, and all the municipal assemblies surrounding it, to light our streets during the night.

Because most of our streets in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and other big cities are in the dark, these criminals have the freedom to rob their victims without the any shred of fear. Every electricity consumer in Ghana pays for the street lights, yet, in most of the cases, they are not lit to prevent crime.

This unfortunate development could have been averted if those in charge of the provision of these social amenities have performed their duties.

Whether we like it or not, crime is gradually becoming a serious matter for this country to deal with, and everybody must put his or her shoulder to the wheel to fight the canker.

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