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Armed Robbery In taxi … The ordeal of 28 year old lady at Dansoman

botchway June 26, 2019


By Maxwell Ofori

When a young lady, who for security reasons we have decided to name Maame Esi, boarded a taxi from the Dansoman Roundabout to her home on Monday this week, she was in high spirits of going to rest after a long day’s hard work.

Unfortunately, Maame Esi did not get home peacefully, as she was robbed by the taxi driver she had hired.

According to Maame Esi, on that fateful day, she closed from work around Lapaz and a colleague dropped her at Sakaman Junction.

The time was 9pm and it was after a heavy downpour, which lasted for well over three hours, and getting trotro (mini bus) was becoming a nightmare, so she stopped a taxi, and after bargaining, directed the driver to take her to Akokofoto, where she resides.

Speaking with a hoarse voice, as a result of the trauma that she went through, Maame Esi said the driver, who is dark in complexion, after a few minutes’ drive, took the Dansoman Roundabout-Ghana Water Company road, instead of the Dansoman Roundabout–MTN road.

Curious, Esi inquired from the driver why he used that road instead of the usual one, especially as the stretch he took had developed potholes, and it had also rained making the road very bad.

The driver, who did not utter a word, diverted and stopped the vehicle abruptly by a bush, pulled out a pair of scissors and barked in twi; “Foolishness! What did you say? When you ladies sit in cars you say whatever you want. Give me your bag.”

Esi, with tears dropping from her eyes, continued that the driver forcibly took her hand bag and threw it to the back seat. He then demanded that she brings all monies in her pocket, but she said all her monies were in the bag.

Being doubtful, the driver began to search for pockets on her dress. While at it, the driver “put his hand at my private part, then in my brassier, fondled my breasts, and asked me to get out of the vehicle after not finding anything on me.”

According to her, she stopped the taxi, which she could not recall the registration number, at the Dansoman Roundabout.

The taxi, which was heading towards Circle, would pass through Akokofoto, where Esi would drop and walk about hundred metres to her house.

She stated that throughout her 22 months stay in Dansoman, her usual means of transport has been either a taxi or trotro, which always have other passengers on board.

Esi said she had her phone, GH¢500, a pair of shoes, voter’s and staff IDs, in the bag, which she bought just last two weeks for GHc200.

At the time of filing this report, Esi, who was emotionally traumatised, was yet to make an official complaint to the police.




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