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How the Nigerian attempted to steal a Mamobi child

botchway June 18, 2019

By Agnes Ansah
The mother of Abdul Rahman Sudais, the 4-year-old who was nearly stolen on Sunday by a Nigerian has narrated the circumstances that led to the near ‘kidnap’ and rescue of her child.
Madam Ramatu Iddrisu is a 35-year-old trader who resides near the Mamobi Polyclinic with her husband, Imurana Iddrisu, 36, and three children, of which young Abdul Rahman Sudais is the last.
Narrating the incident to The Chronicle at her residence in Mamobi, the mother of young Abdul Rahman said that during the early hours of Sunday, she asked the young boy to go and check if his colleagues in a nearby house would go for classes (Makaranta) so that he can join them.
She explained that she asked her child to join her colleagues because she was exhausted from the previous day’s activities and couldn’t take him to the school herself.
According to Madam Ramatu, her child returned to the room some few minutes later looking very quiet and not uttering a word. “At that very moment, I also heard noise from outside, but didn’t pay attention to it, because I hadn’t stepped out and didn’t know what was going on.”
Minutes later, my elder sister came to wake me up and enquired why I was still sleeping when my child was almost stolen by an unknown man. “That was the time I got to know why my child was acting strangely when he entered the room.
“When I questioned my boy, he told me that he was on his way to the neighbour’s house” ‘when a man beckoned me to join him in a waiting car, because my mother was in the car. I told the man that he was lying because she had actually sent me on an errand. The man, sensing that I wasn’t giving in to his demands, forced me to join him in the car, but I managed to run away from him.’
Fortunately, there was a young man who was monitoring what was going on between my son and the Nigerian, so he quickly yelled for people to come around when he realised the man’s intention was not good.adam Ramatu said “before I came out, the thief had already been caught and was being dealt with in a neighbour’s house.”
Madam Ramatu said that the incident had taken her by surprise, because nothing of that sort had ever happened in the vicinity, and advised parents to be extra vigilant, while pleading with the police to ensure that justice was served.
Mr Imurana Iddrisu, father of the child, also said that he won’t rest until justice was served. He was of the view that security in Zongo communities was very poor, making them prone to all manner of vices.
He said all attention had been centered in residential areas where individuals can afford to provide their own security, and advised the government to beef up security in the smaller and Zongo communities to ensure their safety.
Meanwhile, the police, together with the suspect, were in the community to gather information on the incident. The suspect, who was in a green shirt with plaster by his left eye, led the police to the house where he run to take cover on Sunday. The refusal of the police to talk to anyone upon arrival in the community got most the youth angry.
Some of them who spoke to the paper indicated that they wished the police would invite them and listen to their side of the incident, because the suspect had narrated a false and untrue story to the police.
They said an earlier report on a local radio station said the suspect said he had called the boy because he needed information on where to buy food.
He had also told the police that he knew someone at the place where he went to take cover.
The landlady of the house, Madam Ayishetu Ibrahim, speaking to The Chronicle, denied ever knowing the suspect and asked the police to conduct a thorough investigation.

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