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Assembly Member-aspirant moves to protect school lands

botchway June 17, 2019


Stories from Sebastian R. Freiku

Broadcast journalist Kofi Adade of Oyerepa FM in Kumasi, who is aspiring to become the Assembly Member for the Dadease Electoral Area in the Sekyere Kumawu District, has condemned the encroachment of school lands by private developers.

He has, therefore, cautioned the general public to stop encroaching school lands, and warned against acquiring such lands for development.

According to him, encroachment of school lands does not help schools to expand infrastructural facilities and retards development.

As measures to stop further encroachment on school lands in the Dadease Electoral Area, he has distributed 50 coconut seedlings to be planted along the boundaries of schools to ward off encroachers.

He noted that while serving as a fence, the coconut trees would generate income for the beneficiary schools, which included the Salvation Army D/A Primary and SDA schools.

Aspirant Adade has promised to bring development to the area when given the nod in the impending district level elections.

Adade explained his gesture in the fact that most basic schools, unlike the second cycle institutions, are not fenced, which situation encourages developers to encroach on school lands without restraint.

He announced that his focus is on the promotion of education, and hinted that he is working to solicit funding from old students of the schools for the building of teachers’ quarters to accommodate teachers in the area.

The Headmaster of Dadease D/A Primary, Mr. Paul Agyeman, thanked the aspiring Assembly Member for his gesture and commended him for the various efforts and contributions, including the provision of teaching and learning materials from his own resources towards the promotion of education in the area.

He urged citizens of the community to emulate the shining example of the aspirant towards the

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