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James Bond Is Back In ‘New Week, New Beginning’

botchway June 17, 2019


The official James Bond Twitter account has dropped a taste of what’s to come with a ‘New Week, New Beginning’ gun barrel sequence to promote the forthcoming film in the franchise.

Only known as Bond 25 currently, the small teaser will be enough to scintillate fans of the spy series, who have been waiting since 2015 for a new instalment.

The clip is sharp but effective; as returning 007 Daniel Craig steps out in front of a sterile-looking white tiled backdrop, in a suit and open-collar shirt, turning to face the camera and firing his gun.

The style of the teaser is synonymous with the franchise, which has seen each Bond in the past fire a shot in a similar sequence.

The Bond Twitter have in fact recycled the Casino Royale sequence for their latest post – which was Craig’s very first turn as 007 in 2006.

Craig recently underwent surgery on his ankle after falling during filming for a high-octane scene in Jamaica back in May for the new movie.

But the 51-year-old looked in fighting form as he was pictured back in gym for the first time since his injury.

The snap, taken by renowned behind the scenes photographer Greg Williams, shows Daniel weight-lifting in the gym while still sporting the cast around his ankle.

The actor underwent an operation followed by two weeks of rehabilitation, causing delays to filming the upcoming Bond film.

The latest film sees Bond living a tranquil live in Jamaica after leaving active service before Felix turns up asking for help in a mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist.

The scheduling difficulties of the film’s main actors comes after three explosions went off at Pinewood studios after a stunt went wrong during filming.

Health and Safety officials arrived on the set of the beleaguered movie after an explosion ripped a hole in a sound stage and injured a member of the crew.

Credit: dailymail.co.uk

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