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Husband of murdered GPHA manager threatened with death

botchway June 14, 2019


Intelligence gathered by The Chronicle has revealed how Mr Kwame Asante, husband of the murdered Marketing and Public Affairs Manager of Ghana Ports and Habour Authority (GPHA), Mrs Josephine Asante is being bombarded with threatening messages from unknown sources.

The threatening messages, corroborated by police at the Homicide Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were sent to the widower through Whatsapp.

The messages include obscene photographs of Mrs Asante whilst lying dead. According to a dependable source at the Homicide Unit, the police have gone through the statutory process and obtained warrant to delve into the call-logs of the numbers being used to perpetrate the act and apprehend those behind it.

Close associates of the widower, who is going through sleepless nights as a result of these threats, are of the view that detectives on the case must step up the Inquisition into the murder of Mrs Asante.

They also believe that since the motive of the killers is unknown, that alone, coupled with the threatening messages pose a danger to the life of the widower.

Mr Asante, the paper gathered, has requested for police protection, but is unclear if his request has been accepted by the police.

Mrs Josephine Asante was murdered on January 13, 2019 in her Emefs Hillview Estates residence, a gated community in Tema.

In the wake of the incident, police interrogated a number of persons in an attempt to find clues to solving the heinous crime.

Her houseboy, Christian Agyei and official driver, Amos Apeku, were incarcerated to assist with investigation.

Due to the presence of what was suspected to be semen on the body of the deceased, the Tema District Court ordered DNA test of the two accused persons.

A lot of controversy arose over the suspected semen, with police contradicting itself, as the national headquarters debunked that claim by the police in Tema.

A fortnight ago, report of the autopsy conducted on the body of Mrs Asante, which was made available to the Tema District Court, stated categorically that there was no Spermatozoa on the  body.

Meanwhile, the Tema Magistrate Court, presided over by Mrs Akosua Anokyewaa Agyapong, has adjourned the case to June 27, 2019, for police to submit result of the DNA test, finger and footprint collected at the scene.

Stay tuned.

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