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Goldfields holds maiden Suppliers’ Conference

botchway June 12, 2019


From Kwesi Alfred Adams, Tarkwa
SUPPLIERS, Vendors and Contractors registered with Goldfields Ghana Limited (GGL), a mining company at Tarkwa, in the Western Region, have been advised to comply with the processes and procedures required in tendering for contracts and that, there is no way an unprepared contractor can manipulate the system.

Goldfields advertises for award of contracts for projects not exceeding $20,000 and it has, therefore, decided to educate its partners (suppliers, vendors and contractors) on the values and code of conduct in tendering for contracts.

About 300 suppliers attended the maiden Goldfields Suppliers Conference 2019. The Conference was on the theme “Achieving Sustainable Supply Chain through Relationships’, was to provide a platform for both parties to share knowledge, best practices and innovations.

Mr. Roger Adamah, who took the suppliers through Projects and Tender pointed out to them contract for projects are won on merit and that the mining company does not play any role in manipulating the tendering process.

He said, considering the processes the tender documents goes through, no top management member could manipulate the processes in the interest of a particular applicant.

According to him, it is only the Tender Committee, made up of key management members from each department that has the final say in awarding a particular contract.

He said when the Tender Committee was satisfied with the answers required and goes ahead to award a contract, not even the Chief Executive Officer of the company could reverse the Tender Committee decision.

This, he said, goes to underscore the point that tender contracts were awarded on its own merit. Mr. Adamah told the participants that, ‘we treat each tender on its own merit, so each is treated differently and we expect that instructions are followed in the tender processes’.

For this reason, Mr. Adamah told the suppliers and contractors at the conference that if they want to work with Goldfields, then procedures and processes required in the award of contract should be respected.

“If you want to be with us, please follow our procedures and processes”, he said. The Engineer In Charge of Projects, however, told the participants that the company recognised that, per its contract with third parties (suppliers, vendors and contractors), they had become an extension of their businesses.

For this reason, the company expected suppliers to uphold and comply with it values and code of conduct in all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

In that direction, suppliers must not attempt to give or accept any gifts or hospitality that might compromise or be seen to compromise the professionalism or impartiality of Goldfields personnel.

On his part, the Contract Manager of Goldfields, Mr. Joshua Donkor, told the suppliers the company was heavily guided by its policy and processes in award of contracts.

He repeated that it was only the Tender Committee that has the final say in award of contract and no other person.

The maiden Supplier conference also afforded the participants the opportunity to ask questions in each of the presentations made.

The suppliers expressed concern over the delay in payment when supplies had been delivered.

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