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Two suspected thieves lynched

chronicle June 10, 2019

Residents of Ngleshie Amanfrom, an area also known as 50-50 within the Kasoa enclave have lynched two suspected thieves, who invaded the community around 5:00 am local time. The alleged thieves attacked about three persons.

The said victims raised an alarm which saw people coming out to attack the thieves. The residents have over the years suffered from atrocities in the hands of armed robbers.

The unidentified thieves were seriously beaten as the residents had their pound of flesh this time round. The attack on the suspected thieves was so severe that some on-lookers sustained injuries.

The lynched suspect thieves

The agitated residents went as far as stripping the suspected thieves naked.


The police later came to intervene but information gathered by The Chronicle indicates that the two were pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.





By Bernice Bessey




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