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Intellectual Dishonesty – Our Bane

botchway June 10, 2019


There is no gainsaying the fact that academic education is the bedrock of civilisation, and by extension, development and progress. Thus, a country with a high level of illiteracy is perpetually consigned to the realm of stagnation in development.

This is why many countries are now leaving no stone unturned to educate the young ones, naturally considered as future leaders. Currently, in Ghana, President Akufo-Addo has taken the bull by the horns by making Senior High School education free.

Now, after people have had high education to earn the academic tags of Professor and Doctor, with others not having such tags, what do they do with such high education, apart from using it to get lucrative jobs?

The few intellectuals who fought to gain independence for the country were selfless, sincere, incorruptible and highly principled. However, those intellectuals who took over from where they left off have shown that intellectual dishonesty has been our bane after independence.

Some of our politicians who won the people’s mandate to rule the country had their own selfish agenda of looting the coffers of the state.

And why not? When our leaders are rotten in morals, acting like indulgent and irresponsible fathers, what should their followers do?

Thus, we find  a situation  in which  babies  find  themselves  in high  political positions , which they use  to build  their own nests , leaving the ruled  to please themselves with whatever morsels they can lay hands on.

Their leaders take advantage of their high education to indulge in negative intricacies at their offices to rake in extra salaries. These are the white-collar thieves, nay, office armed robbers.

The only difference  between  them and armed  robbers  is that, while the former use pens to falsify accounts without shedding blood, the latter use naked force on their victims, but they are all dangerous thieves.

The millions of cedis these officials in suits steal from the government can finance the construction of projects such as school blocks, pipe-borne water supply, borehole water supply, first-class roads, clinics, etc.

The most shameful of it all is that, when such dishonest officials are caught and sent to a court of constitutional jurisdiction, some leaders troop to there to make a lot of noise to indicate the innocence of their colleagues.

They breach procurement laws in the privacy of their offices, and when they are caught by the long arm of the law, they panic and raise an alarm of witch-hunting.

When others are sent abroad to purchase national equipment or other requirements such as aircraft, they inflate the cost and use satanic means to cover up the cunning theft.

God being so good, a godly, incorruptible, sincere and principled visionary leader has taken over from the economic vampires, and Mother Ghana can now heave a sigh of relief that there is hope for her future children.

The Chronicle gives a consoling pat on the shoulders of Mother Ghana and says, Mom, weep no more.


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