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botchway June 10, 2019






(Advocate against cheating and of peaceful co-existence)






Anytime I visit my town, my friends flock in to welcome me as soon as they get wind of my presence. But I know their main motive and that is, they want to hear from the horse’s own mouth about current news and other happenings around the globe.


They are aware of my profession as a journalist and they know that journalists are always abreast with news.

Unknown to them, I have developed a strategy to extract information from them first, as I do not like to spoon feed them always with current affairs. I do this against the background of the saying that “Ideas are like noses, everybody has one”.


I first ask them to put into writing anything they wish me to carry across to Ghanaians in my writings. When the time comes that I leave for the city, I meet them at “Nsadwa ase” – a place where palm wine is sold – to collect their efforts.


I relish the warm, frothy and sweet type called “ntunkum”. My friends know this and do all they can to reserve some for me, even though, by nature, I do not drink. I explain to them the benefits of putting their ideas, etc. on paper, so that none of them will turn round to say, “wo boa, m’anka no saa” (You lied, I did not say that) a familiar song sung by some people especially, politicians.


I produce below, contributions from my friends: I will represent them with A, B, C etc.


A: “President Akufo-Addo has shifted from the old, unproductive status quo of lean government to a fat government aimed at making good use of the simple economic theory of  Division of Labour, and it is working like magic. By this fat government, Ministers’ work can easily be assessed and the lazy ones booted out.


There is a full Ministry in charge of Railway Redevelopment only as against the former Ministry of Transport and Communications, overseeing a wide range of transport issues.  Very soon, Ghana will also enjoy a modern network of rail transportation to Burkina Faso, thanks to the indefatigable Minister of Railway Development – Hon Joe Ghartey.


There is also a full Ministry of Inner Cities and Zongo Development to see to the development of the long-neglected Zongo communities and other places”.


B: “President Akufo-Addo is doing well. But, it seems he has forgotten cocoa farmers. Just a little bit of increase in the producer price of cocoa will go a long way to assure cocoa farmers of government’s concern for them. Meanwhile, coca farmers thank him for not listening to the directive of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the government to review downwards the current cocoa producer price.”


C: “I want to know what former President, Mr. John Mahama wants from Ghanaians. We gave him enough chance – eight solid years – to exhibit the political stuff he is made off, but he misused the mandate by behaving like an indulgent father and presiding over a massive agenda of corruption, even though his party has probity and accountability roots.


“My candid piece of advice to him is that, he should respect the saying that “man came to do some but not all.” It is the general belief that, should he win the 2020 elections, foreigners would consider Ghanaians as idiots and withdraw their attention towards our country’s development, a gloomy prediction which God will never allow to happen anyway”.


D: “I was in Kumasi on April 3, 2019 and bought a copy of The Pioneer newspaper. I felt very happy when my eyes fell on an encouraging headline – “CID Identifies location of Kidnapped Takoradi Girls” which news was sourced to Citinews room.

Reading further, I came to a paragraph which gave a positive assurance that, our three girls would, indeed, soon be  united  with  their parents: “ Together with the Bureau of  National Investigations (BNI), we  (CID of the Police) have worked very well and  currently, we know where the girls are. I am unable to give the details, because we don’t want to compromise their safety”. That was the CID boss DCOP Maame Tiwaa Addo Danquah at a press briefing on Tuesday April 3, 2019.  

It is two months and over now and the girls are still missing. Was it part of April 1 (All Fools Day) pranks? Where are the girls, Maame?”


I took time to read all the contributions of my friends. I was surprised that they were very knowledgeable about current events in the country. My surprise, however, got diluted, when I remembered that they all have TV and radio sets. These media have made the world a Global Village.


This calls for constructive content to reform this permissive society, which seems to get more and more rotten every day.



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