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Good luck to all BECE candidates

botchway June 10, 2019


A total of 517,332 candidates comprising 263,616 males and 253,716 females from 16,871 public and private Junior High School (JHS) students have commenced this year’s BECE.

Last year 509,824 candidates, representing an increase of 7,508 sat for the examination.

Earlier in February 2,505 private BECE candidates, comprising 1,553 males and 952 females were given the opportunity to write the BECE.

The Chronicle would like to wish all the candidates the best of luck in the examinations, which they have taken three years to prepare for, with the aim of furthering their education to a higher level.

We are glad that students from the various JHSs across the country have, after three years of studies, come to an important mile stone in their academic lives – an opportunity to enter the Senior High School, if they make the required grades.

The Chronicle sees a bright future ahead for all the candidates, provided they have been well coached and prepared to deliver.

We are of the firm conviction that both teachers and parents have done all that is required to put the candidates in the right frame of mind for the BECE.

The Chronicle would like to take the opportunity to advise the candidates to shun any form of examination malpractice that could potentially derail their academic progression.

We have over the years witnessed examination malpractices among students in the country and we cannot allow such vices among our young ones to continue.

We, therefore, call on invigilators, supervisors, the security and school management teams to step up efforts at ensuring an incidence free BECE.

The practice where some teachers or schools assist their candidates to cheat in examinations must be a thing of the past.

If we want to live in a decent society, we should avoid aiding our young ones to engage in corruption at early stages of their life, especially in our educational institutions.

The arrest of the Headteacher of Kekeli Preparatory School in Aflao, for registering 62 foreign pupils to write the 2019 BECE as Ghanaian pupils, must serve as a reminder to us that many are those who are constantly operating to ridicule the integrity of the BECE.

We would, therefore, appeal to stakeholders to always revise their notes on security issues for the BECE and other examinations in the country.

The Chronicle would at this point remind the candidates that attaining good grades in the BECE means an opportunity to access the Free SHS education.

That, to us at The Chronicle, should be the overriding stimulation for all candidates to avoid all distractions, stay focused and give of their best in the BECE.

The government has invested so much in SHS education and it would be unfortunate if BECE candidates fail to make the mark to enjoy the SHS education, which in the past was very expensive.

Once again, we wish the candidates good luck and wish to remind them that whether or not they would enjoy the Free SHS; which could propel them to greater heights, depends on how well they perform at the BECE.




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