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Ghanaians must join hands to fight kidnappings

botchway June 7, 2019


A couple of weeks ago, there were media reports about the alleged kidnapping of an India national in Kumasi. Fortunately, the said national managed to escape from captivity. And just on Wednesday, this week, another report emerged that two Canadians had been kidnapped again in Kumasi.

According to the police, an Uber driver chauffeuring the Canadians when they were kidnapped around 8:25pm at Ahodwo, a suburb of Kumasi, has been arrested and is currently assisting the law enforcement agency with investigations into the case.

The Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana, according to media reports, is already in the Garden City to assist in finding his compatriots.

The issue of kidnapping is gradually becoming one of the high crimes being committed in the country. Until last year, when the Takoradi girls were kidnapped, and have since then not be found, this new crime was alien to Ghanaians.

Ghana was among a few countries in West Africa where tourists and foreign businessmen and women could work freely without any harassment, but the narrative is gradually changing with the latest crime that is emerging.

Readers will recall that armed robbery was never common in Ghana, but the practice was gradually introduced into the country by foreigners from the West Africa sub-region. Because we failed to nip the problem in the bud, Ghanaians copied this bad habit, and are now leading armed robbery cases in the country.

It is our fear that if the current kidnapping problem is not dealt with, Ghanaians would eventually take over the crime and start subjecting their compatriots and foreigners to unending harassment.

Thought the suspects in the latest Kumasi case are yet to be identified and arrested, we can state without any fear that they are not Ghanaians. Therefore, to prevent them from transporting the Canadians out of the country, The Chronicle is advising the police to intensify their search of vehicles on the highways during the day and the night.

The police must also use the radio stations in Kumasi to spread the message to all landlords in the metropolis to monitor foreigners staying in their houses.

Though it might infringe upon the law, in the interest of national security, we suggest that these landlords search the rooms of all foreigners occupying their houses. Any foreigner who refuses to allow his or her landlord to search his apartment should immediately be reported to the police for action to be taken.

The new crime emerging in Ghana could destroy the reputation of this country as a peace loving state, and eventually affect direct foreign investment in the country.

Should we, therefore, sit down for this crime to crime to fester? The answer is obviously no, and that is why all hands must be on the deck to fight foreigners who, after destroying their country, want to extend their criminal activities to Ghana.

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