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WRCC, NYA hold Reproductive Health Rights forum … For adolescent ages in six municipalities

botchway June 6, 2019


The Regional Coordinating Council, in collaboration with the National Youth Authority (NYA), has held a day’s Advocacy Forum for stakeholders on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

The forum, held in the Nzema East Municipality, brought together adolescent girls and boys, together with parents, from the six municipal assemblies in the region.

It was to educate the adolescent age on their rights and what to do when it comes to sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

The forum saw the adolescent age being taking through the various growth stages they go through at that age.

The Acting Regional Director of the NYA, Mr. Anthony Baah, who welcomed the stakeholders, explained that the adolescent stage was a period from childhood to adulthood.

A stage of life when most habits and characters among the youth are not well developed if they are not empowered to get the right information about themselves in order to live positive lifestyles.

This information, he said, should cover a broad range of issues relating to their physical, biological, emotional and social development, as well as the development of positive decision-making, self-esteem and building of healthy relationship skills.

Mr. Baah added that reproductive health and rights education should be delivered with confidence, empathy and contribute to the healthy development of positive attitudes, values and skills that young people needed to know for the future.

He, however, identified the high incidence of drug and substance abuse, high vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections, and streetism amongst others, as challenges currently facing the youth.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Nzema East, Frank Okpenyen, reminded them to take their education serious at the adolescent stage.

He further reminded them that they were bosses of their own, and taking their education serious at this age was equally important.

He, however, advised them to avoid negative attitudes that came with growing into adulthood. Mr. Emmanuel Papa Assan, a former Regional Director of the NYA, took the adolescents through the various stages of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

He pointed out that if sexual reproductive issues were not properly handled, it could go out of hand.

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