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Kumasi Mayor blames sanitation challenges on residents 

botchway June 6, 2019


From Thomas Agbenyegah Adzey

The Kumasi Mayor, Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi, has stated that the sanitation challenges facing the metropolis is a result of the actions of residents, because waste generation is inevitable in every human settlement, and is in itself not a problem.

He said what brings the problem is the wrongful disposal of the waste, and called for a continued education of the citizenry as a vital input in realising the objective of keeping the City Clean and Green.

The Mayor has, therefore, entreated all stakeholders, particularly the media, to use “their far-reaching medium to educate the people on proper waste disposal practices,” and inculcate best waste management practices in homes and schools.

Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi said these during the inauguration of the Subin Sub-Metropolitan District Council’s Clean and Green Team last Friday in Kumasi.

The Metro Chief Executive explained that the existence of lots of hotels and markets in Kumasi was an indication that visitors from outside the Ashanti Region liked the city.

He said the city used to be attractive to visitors because the efforts of their predecessors to keep it clean at all times made it so, and called on the present generation to work hard towards bringing back the past glory.

The Subin Sub-Metro Clean and Green Team was formed to carry out daily sanitation activities along streets within the Sub-Metro’s jurisdiction to augment sanitation management in the metropolis.

Mr. Assibey Antwi mentioned a number of critical waste management interventions the Assembly had undertaken, including the regularisation of tricycles in waste collection in the metropolis, identification and enforcement of the use of personal protective gears, and the installation of 500 public litter bins and a system in place to empty same daily within the metropolis.

A Sanitation Brigade, the Mayor said, would soon be formed to monitor and arrest people who litter the city indiscriminately, and a sanitation court to be established for the prosecution of same.

The Kumasi Metro Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Isaac Bassanyin, in a statement, explained that sanitation is of paramount importance to the Assembly, because the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 charges it to be a thing of the past by the year 2030.

Mr. Bassanyin disclosed that the assembly had prosecuted 125 people for sanitation-related offences, with 82 of the perpetrators fined within the first quarter of this year.

The former Bantama Constituency New Patriotic Party Chairman and now government appointee to the KMA, Mr. Kwabena Owusu Dwomoh, who chaired the occasion, remarked that the initiative by the sub-metro was laudable, and appealed to the Mayor to direct any support towards keeping the city clean to the Subin Sub-Metro.

Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi later presented 30 wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, 60 brooms, 30 wellington boots, 60 hand gloves, nose masks and cutlasses to the Subin Sub-Metro Clean and Green Team.

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