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Veep’s dispatch rider incurs wrath of journalists

chronicle June 4, 2019

From Musah Umar Farouq, Tanina

A gross misconduct exhibited by a police dispatch rider of the Vice Presidents’ security team from Accra incurred the wrath of over 20 Journalists in the Upper West Region, who were following the Vice President, Alhaji Dr. Mohamudu Bawumia’s Ramadan tour in the Region. The Police officer, who was part of the lead team of the dispatch riders, ordered the RCC Coaster Bus, which was carrying the Journalists to stop.

Not even a plea from the driver that the media practitioners needed to be at the second destination point, before the Vice President arrives, would placate the dispatch rider, as the officer insisted that the bus should park and wait till the convoy of which the bus was part, passes before it can  move.

This development created a scene, after some senior Journalists in the bus attempted explaining things to the officer but he paid a deaf ear to it.

Wading into the argument to calm the nerves of the media, the Upper West Deputy Regional Police Commander, ACP Peter Nderkugri, who was in another vehicle and saw the police officer’s attempt in blocking the bus, ordered that the media vehicle should be allowed, but his order was defied.

The officer rather called some of his colleagues who came and blocked the movement of the media vehicle. This incurred the anger of the Journalists, as many were seen shouting on top of their voices.

The media vehicle, which delayed for about 30minutes before arriving at Bulenga, the second point of call, infuriated the reporters who decided to ignore the event that was going on.

It took the intervention of the Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, Mr. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku and the Regional Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Bukari Ali, who condemned the dispatch rider and rendered an apology for his actions and pleaded with the media to continue with the coverage.

The Deputy Upper West Regional Police Commander, ACP Peter Nderkugri, later rendered an apology for what happened and pledged that the officer will not be left off the hook.

Notwithstanding these interventions, the Dispatch Rider again confronted the driver of the coaster bus transporting the media and threatened to beat him up for allowing the journalists to insult him.

Meanwhile, the Vice President indicated that four major roads in the Wa West District, namely Tanina-Polee, Poyentanga-Jenbob-Buli have been awarded on contract for construction.

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