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Let’s desilt our minds, instead of gutters -DCE urges Ghanaians

botchway June 4, 2019


Stories from Isaac Akwetey-Okunor


The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Akwapim South in the Eastern Region, Frank Aidoo, has urged Ghanaians to desilt their minds instead of gutters, since that is the only sure way to keep our environments clean.

Mr. Aidoo was of the view that active participation and a high level of responsibility by our citizens would be vital in keeping the environment clean, rather than blaming the system, as well as the development of the nation.

“Citizens can come together and shape the future of our country; you are the social actors to bring the change and progress we all long for,” he said.

According to the DCE, it is worrying that Ghana is amongst the most polluted places on earth, as well as ranked in the top 50 countries with the world’s biggest dumpsites, hence, called on Ghanaians to take sanitation issues very seriously.

Mr. Frank Aidoo made this assertion during the Citizenship Week Celebration, organised by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) at Aburi under the theme, ‘A Clean Ghana, Our Responsibility.’

He explained that the development of the country is a collective responsibility, hence, it is imperative to keep Ghanaians, especially the young ones, educated enough to discern and do what is right at all times.

The Akuapem South DCE continued: “As it is commonly said, health is wealth, the health status of a family, community and country has a great role to play in their livelihoods.”

To him, over the years, Ghana has taken steps and made significant efforts to protect the environment and keep it safe to inhabit and make room for coming generations, through the Sustainable Development Goals.

He said indiscriminate disposal of plastic in the soil can reduce soil fertility, and if burned, pollutes the air by producing carbon monoxide, leading to causes of illnesses like asthma, lung and heart diseases.

Admitting that plastic is the world’s first waste problem and keeps increasing as the days go by, the least Ghanaians can do to save the nation from choking on plastic is by reducing the use of it in our everyday life.

“We can, all first and foremost, start by separating plastic waste from organic ones. The organic waste is useful to the soil and can be used as compost fertiliser. Whilst the plastic waste is also separated and recycled,” he urged.

He, therefore, called on all Ghanaians to keep their environments clean, and also change their mindset, behaviour and attitude regarding sanitation and stop the indiscriminate littering of our environments.

This, indeed, would go a long way to make us live in a clean and healthy environment, devoid of communicable diseases.

The District Director of the NCCE, Mr. Alex Owusu Akyaw, said, the Citizenship Week celebration seeks to remind the youth in school of their basic responsibilities and the role they can play to build a strong, vibrant and democratic Ghana.

According to him, it also creates the platform for eminent persons who are considered role models in society to interact and impart virtues of good citizenship to the youth across the country.

Again, he said, it is a collective product at the national discourse through socialisation, a system of beliefs, values, assumptions and expectations are transmitted to the youth.

Civic education delivery is working to inculcate discipline and instill in the youth of today, their responsibilities.


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