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Murdered GPHA Manager was not sexually assaulted -Autopsy Report

chronicle May 31, 2019

From John Bediako, Tema

An autopsy report made available to counsel for the accused persons in the murder of Mrs Josephine Tandoh Asante, a former Manager at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), has stated categorically that the deceased was not sexually assaulted.

The report was signed by Chief Superintendent Dr Osei Owusu Afriyie of the Pathological Department of the Police Hospital in Accra.

On January 24, this year, an autopsy was performed on the body of Mrs Asante, following a coroner’s request by the Tema District Magistrate Court, originating from the Tema Regional Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, to determine cause of death.

With autopsy number PH-PM/84/19, the body was identified by Robert Tandoh, brother of the deceased, in the presence of Detective Chief Inspector Edem Adotse, with Chief Superintendent Dr Osei Owusu Afriyie as the consultant.

The summary of the postmortem findings is as follows:

1) Petechial hemorrhage on the conjunctiva, 2) Cyanosis, 3) Cerebral Oedema, 4) Food particles in the airway, 5) Hyperventilated Lungs, 6) Left temporal and occipital scalp contusion, 7) Abrasion and Contusion on the Dorsum of the right hand, 8) Contusion of the right face, 9) 5cm laceration around the right eyebrow, 10) Abrasions on the jaw, 11) 3cm laceration on the lower lip, 12) Contusion around the neck, 13) Abrasion on the left breast, 14) No bruises, abrasion or laceration in the perineum, 15) Grade 1 Atheroslerosis.

The report states that, as requested by the Tema District Magistrate, Chief Superintendent Dr Osei Owusu Afriyie performed a forensic autopsy on the body of Josephine Asante, aged 49 and died on 13th January 2019. Examination has it that the body is of a middle aged woman of normal posture. The body weight and body length are not taken. She looks well-built and well nourished.

The deceased was wearing night clothes which is bloodstained at the time of the examination

On signs of death, there is rigour mortis in small and large joints. The postmortem hypotasis is symmetrical and localised to the back of the body and the limbs. There is no sign of decomposition. On suspected rape, the report stated no spermatozoa seen.

Meanwhile, the Tema District Court has directed the CID headquarters and the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) of the Police Service to produce the results of DNA and footprints obtained in connection with the ongoing investigation into the murder of Mrs Asante on the June 13, 2019.

Her Ladyship Mrs Akosua Anokyewaa Agyapong’s order was a result of a presentation made in court on Thursday by the prosecution that the result of the fingerprint, also relating to the inquisition, is ready.

The detectives who arrived at the scene in the home of the slain manager, as part of the investigation, collected finger and footprint impressions.

Also obtained at the scene is what was suspected to be semen on the body of the deceased, which compelled the police make a request to the court for the DNA of two accused persons to be taken at the FSL. They are Christian Agyei, houseboy, and Amos Apeku, her official driver.

On April 8, 2019, the Head of the DNA Unit of the FSL, Superintendent Dr Kofi Agyapong,  who was subpoenaed by the court, mounted the witness box.

He told the court that the facility was undergoing rehabilitation and that it will take two months to complete and have the DNA conducted. The Magistrate, therefore, added five more days to enable the results to be presented to the court.

One of the accused persons, Christian Agyei Agyei, had earlier told the court that the inmates in the cell where he is being detained were molesting him. According to him, at one stage, he collapsed only to be revived later. He also complained of discharges emerging from his ear as a result of alleged assault suffered whilst in custody.

Her Ladyship reiterated her call on the police to ensure that persons in their custody are not maltreated.

The case has been adjourned to June 13, this year.

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