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I am for development -Nana Nyeeku VII

botchway May 22, 2019


The newly-enstooled Chief of Srafa Mpoano in the Ekumfi District, Nana Otwer Kↄko Nyeeku VII, has appealed to his subjects to buy into his development agenda, in order to move the town forward.

According to him, lack of unity, which gave birth to a protracted chieftaincy dispute, has been the bane that has militated against the progress of the town.

He has, therefore, called on all natives of the town, both home and abroad, to let go the past and forge ahead in unity, so that they could raise the image of the community together.

Nana Nyeeku made this known after tradition was followed and customs were performed by the kingmakers of Srafa to enstool him as Chief.

It must be noted that Srafa Mpoano, a predominantly fishing community, has been without a substantive chief for a period of 38 years.

This was created by a disagreement that rocked the Royal Aboradze Family over who was deemed fit to be enstooled as the chief about 38 years ago.

Following the absence of a chief in the community, self-help projects and others that were initiated by residents through communal labour, have also eluded the town.

The concomitant effect of this protracted dispute eventually led to the community being deprived of any meaningful development.

Nana Nyeeku has, however, vowed to tackle the issue of unemployment head on, so that employment avenues could be created to help improve the standard of living of the people.

“I promise to reverse this worrying trend by waging a strong war against division, factionalism so that we overcome poverty,” he pledged.

“I pledge to form a committee to assist me to implement a ten-year development plan that would improve the standard of living in this town,” he promised.

According to Nana Nyeeku, the education of the youth through vocational and skills training would be used to fight unemployment and create decent opportunities for the youth.

He thanked the head of the royal family and all the kingmakers for the honour done him, and promised to work hard to revamp salt production in the town.

The Omanhen of the Ekumfi Traditional Council, Odeεfo Akyin VIII, advised the new chief to eschew divide and rule tactics, and operate an open door policy to include all.

Nana Otwer Kↄko Nyeeku VII is known in private life as Mr Paa Kwesi Eshun.

He is a businessman and owns fuel stations in Mankessim and elsewhere.


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