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Letter to Senior Opupulepu (47) These Members of the Konkonsa Association of Associates!

botchway May 17, 2019


Dear Senior Opupulepu, how are you do? I hope you are do fine, fine like I am also do well, well.

Senior, I swear, hmmmm, if Ogyakromis are to move two steps forward and three and a half steps backwards from our current rate of three steps forward and seven steps backwards, we must do something about our Konkonsa parishioners.

Senior, as you know my position on matters relating to the Konkonsa Association of Associates, I do not think it will recalculate its Global Positioning System (GPS) location in the further future.

In fact, if you will have to deal with people like New Jeans, who, in actual fact, only works as a cleaner and labourer in a certain konkonsa press-iron house, but will come out in clean attire at the close of work and walking in the company of trained konkonsa parishioners, and so to tell the whole world that he is also a konkonsa person, then you will understand the place I am coming from.

Senior, as for New Jeans or New Gins or New Whatever, I am not greeee at all. The matter of the case is that members of the Konkonsa Association of Associates are those letting Ogyakrom down. You see, them think that as for them nothing can and should touch them, so that even when they decide to bath, and that is usually every four nights at the shortest possible duration, the water will have to seek permission from them before it touches their body. That is how these konkonsa people hold themselves in the village.

But, before, before that was not the case, for during the days of Togbui Amekedziavu aka Togbui Xornametor, who born dog for a konkonsa parishioner to even consciously or unconsciously write or declare the truth in an uncivil way. That was when the law of julor-kwakwe libel, or in the Queen’s brofor, criminal libel, will tell you that in the court of law, the truth is not an important commodity, in fact, the truth is not even invited to sit in as a guest.

Yes, during those days, if someone thiefs your half cowry and you catch him and you send him to the thief slappers stationary office, just say he thiefed your half cowry. Let taboo touch you, and you add that “he is a wicked man” and you cannot prove his state of wickedness in court, you have committed criminal label and you will find yourself in Nsawam for six moons. The thief will be apologised to, compensated for what the court will say is defamation of his person and character, and set free to a hero’s welcome.

Senior, they say when you meet a snake, I mean, snake like a snake aka Brother Long caught in a trap, and singing Lord of Mercy and Compassion, please do not look with pity upon it and release it from the trap. In fact, forgo that act of mercy, and Yahweh will reward you for your kindness and love of humanity.

You see, Senior, when Nsakrapapawura Nana Yaw Diwuhene Agyei Kumi Kungfu became Omanhene of Ogyakrom, he heard the cries and pleas of the Konkonsa Association of Associates and looked with pity upon them. He then commanded his mraa krachi, the then Owuraa Fugu I-Do, who is now, our Great Leopard Odenihuni Nana Onsurowuo Owuobiayeowua, to look at ways and means to plug out, uproot, decapitate, and exterminate from Ogyakrommraa the criminal libel act.

Lo and behold, Owuraa Fugu I-Do, who has never chopped this post some before and it has becoming sweeting in his head inside, overlooked the overall tenets and intentions of the human rights and lefts law, or mraa, which states in line 2001 section 1957 paragraph 44, “….not in any inconsistence to the law, not all the living have right to live as in the case of and as an example of a mosquito.”

So skipping this section as if he was skipping skipping rope, Owura Fugu I-Do did as he was asked to do, and he plucked out, uprooted, decapitated and exterminated from Ogyakrom mraa, the criminal libel act.

Senior, instead of thanking the Elephant Concert Party people and their sub-chiefs, queenmothers and all, the konkonsa parishioners, like the proverbial Bro. Long, as in snake, who was released from a trap, it turned round to bite the heels of the very people who set them free and gave them freedom.

Senior, cultivating the impression that as for them they cannot, and must, not be touched, these konkonsa parishioners grew wings and create the impression that they are the law, so they can do as they please.

Senior, in recent moons, we saw how Alhaji Tiger-Nuts, whose master and mentor, Mad-Lake Kweku One, was freed from home-under by Nana Kung-fu, could seek, search and destroy with falsified cut-and-paste presentations, Alhaji One-Touche, a very prominently important person in the Elephant Concert Party. As if that was not enough, he went on to search and destroy with more false cut and paste photos on another top member of the Elephant Family, Charlie Bizz, swearing that Charlie was thiefing gold jewellery from the Manyia Palace, when, in fact, all Bizz was doing was collecting golden foil paper from cigarette packs and Guinness bottle necks to sell at Kejetia, so that he can pay his house rent, in fact, he lodges in a kiosk.

Senior, while this was going on, a certain Menance A-Weary, another konkonsa parishioner went to picture some day nursery children at parade who were marching to the nursery song “One-man went to Mow, Went to mow Amidu,” (waking a certain Martin Amidu from sleep), and used water colour and oil paint to paint the picture, as if those children who were all in pampas (Not Municipal Police Alhaji Pampas’ own some) were actually kakamotobi vigilantes recruits under training. But in the pictures all we saw was their teacher holding the book called Courtesy for Boys and Girls, and teaching them the importance of brushing their teeth every day, and how to say “Good morning.”

Senior, as it is Menance A-Weary has fled to some other village after exposing these children to kidnappers by putting their pictures before the general and major public, because he is now wanted, not by the law, but by the in-laws of all the children he has exposed to dangerbility.

Senior, this case of Menance, the Konkonsa Association of Associates are complaining that since the Great Leopard squatted on the stool, they have known no peace, and their lives are now classified as endangered species. What! What a lie-lie reportage! If they like they should bring Togbui Xornametor back, and they will see something. When they take delight in endangering the hard earned reputation of homo sapiens and now they are paying for it, they are coming to telling us what?

Senior Nana Owuobiayeowuo has done nothing at all to these konkonsa parishioners. It is their evil ways that are hunting and haunting them. So they should shut up and enjoy every bit of this situation while it lasts.

Senior, as for me, how I mean New Jeans, or New Gins or New Whatever, if he does not know and does not know and does not know…yooooo…hmmmm my mouth has ended.

Senior, I am Dan, sorry I am Done.

It is Me!

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