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Ghana Card registration security must tighten -FOGET President

botchway May 16, 2019


By Bernice Bessey

The President of the Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET), Prosper Dan Afetsi, has called on the National Identification Authority (NIA) to tighten the security of the ongoing Ghana Card registration process.

His concern follows the arrest of some foreign nationals for trying to take advantage of the process at the expense of Ghanaians, who are to be the sole beneficiaries.

It must be noted that issues of nationality often become critical in the selection and election of public office holders, and it was one of the main contributors to the civil war that broke out in peaceful countries like Cote d’Ivoire.

In Ghana, for instance, the Constitution has made certain key positions the preserve of only its citizens, hence, any doubt of one’s citizenship in that regard could ruin the peace enjoyed over the decades.

Mr Afetsi, compelled by this reality, in a media release, emphasised the need for the NIA to fortify its security strategies to prevent criminals and saboteurs from interfering with the process.

He said: “Acquiring [the] Ghana Card should involve more than just claiming one hails from a particular town and producing a birth certificate,” and suggested that questions should be asked like birth place or hometown, historic antecedent, ethnicity and clan.

The President of the youth-oriented organisation was convinced that such basic questions would surely give out those even trying to be clever to beat the system.

Since some officers of the NIA had be found to be aiding these criminals to undertake their nefarious activity, he further called for the scrutiny of officers being hired to register applicants, saying, “There have been reports, corroborated by NIA officials, admitting that some of their staff are in cahoots with foreigners to corrupt the ongoing exercise with monetary inducements.

“Some of these corrupt persons – so far Nigerians – have been arrested, but who knows how many of them have passed through the system undetected.”


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