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Be responsible for the drain in front of your house -Assembly

botchway May 16, 2019


As the rains have set in, most communities in Accra especially, become prone to annual flooding, due to solid waste being indiscriminately dumped into drains which block free flow of water.

However, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Ayawaso West Assembly, Sandra Owusu-Ahinkorah, has called on residents to take charge of their environment by ensuring that the gutters in front of their homes are de-silted and clean.

To set an example for the residents to follow, she organised a clean-up exercise, together with the Assembly Member, Sidi Talikai, at Ablemepke, as part of the clean Ghana campaign to de-silt the drains ahead of the expected rainy season.

Since the area is sensitive to flooding, she said one way to help reduce it was to ensure that the drains are well de-silted, and the residents taking charge of its cleanness.

The Public Relations Officer, speaking on behalf of the MCE, said: “The MCE is committed and has the community at heart to ensure that during the rains, the Ayawaso community is devoid of floods and issues that come along with it.”

He added that the project has been initiated with the various assembly members in the municipality, and each area would have its turn.

The Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Shani Muntaka, also added that when the gutters are clean, whenever it rains the water will flow freely, however, the same cannot be said when the drains are choked.

He indicated that dumping refuse indiscriminately was a crime, but many people don’t know, and urged people to also use their common sense to judge how they treat their environments, adding that some people had been charged for flouting the assembly’s bye-laws on sanitation.

Sidi Talikai further added that the clean up exercise was necessitated by the frequent flooding of the area in recent times, whenever the rains pour, and as a result, the attention of the MCE was drawn to the rescue of the residents.

He, however, promised that the exercise would not be a nine-day wonder, as they were trying to hold talks with landlords to tackle flood incidents in the community.

Mr Talikai, nevertheless, rated the sanitation issue of the area as being poor, and expressed worry over the lack of communal spirit among the residents.

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