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Western Togoland: A Lie that has been cultivated into a Belief

botchway May 13, 2019


Sometimes you will wish that things you know for a fact would become mere hypothesis and end up as sensationalist speculations; for so long as the peace will be preserved, you will not be bothered if society gives you unpleasant names.

I took the unpleasant duty to write lengthy articles about what I believe were some of the reasons why some of the Ewe people of the Volta Region were dead against the creation of the Oti Region. In simple terms, they wanted to secede to form their own country, and for them, it would have been ideal to have the whole of the Oti Region coming along with them.

My articles spoke about the seed of lies being cultivated in the minds of the youth and the vulnerable, and cleverly cultivated into a belief, in fact, a dogma.

Then came the arrest of an over eighty year old man by name Mr. Charles Kormi Kudzodzi, aka Papavi Hogbedetor, who is the leader of the secessionist group called Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), and some few others who were in readiness to declare independence for Western Togoland on May 9, 2019, exactly sixty-three years after the 1956 Plebiscite, in which majority of British Togoland voted to be in union with Ghana on March 6, 1957.

My articles spoke about Peter Äahianyo Åtun, who was on social media, soliciting funds, arms and ammunitions, and encouraging the Ewe youth to get recruited and trained to learn how to kill Ghanaians.

The Ghana Police Service, which intercepted this group, we are told, came across an already established military and police trainee wings of the HSGF with arms and ammunitions, a constitution, national emblem, and a national anthem of the yet-to-be declared nation of Western Togoland.

With these evidences in the hands of state security, it is no doubt that, as I have been speculating, there is a section of this Republic which is ready to go into a bloodshed struggle and battle it out with Ghana, just because some few people believe or are made to believe that they are not Ghanaians.

Mr. Kudzodzi is described by his followers are someone who knows all about the 1956 Plebiscite inside out, and has all information at his figure tips. I am compelled to challenge him on this, because, if indeed, he knows all that transpired to lead to May 9, 1956, he will not be behaving like this and drawing along vulnerable people whose only problem they have is sharing a country with Akans, especially Asantes.

There are some ethnocentric Southern Ewes in the likes of Adolf Bestway Zottor, a Tognu man from Sogakope, who sees everything Akan as evil, and so would love to be in separate countries. Such persons, including some in the Diaspora like Vincent Ahadzi, have been fanning the flames of secession on group platforms in attempts to gain popularity and win sympathy.

I find it very hard to understand such mind set when, in truth, as things stand, the greater portion of British Togoland had agreed since 1956 and reaffirmed in December 2017 that it belongs to Ghana and no other nation.

As it is, which powers in the world can ever make Ghana split those areas and give them to Western Togoland? If the UN even suggests that, it will have to appeal against its own resolution made in December 1956, when the Assembly voted unanimously to have British Togoland go into union with Ghana on March 6, 1957.

Which world power will ever support such a dead dream of Western Togoland, unless such a world power will first come and colonise us and use its laws to demarcate this country? I find it inconceivable to even comprehend the thoughts of Charles Kormi Kudzodzi on this matter. I wonder whether he has thought through these false dreams and the consequences they could have on this peaceful country.

If his intentions are clean, even if wrong, why does he not meet the President of the Republic to state their intention to go independent? At least, our quest for independence in 1957 was officially made known to our colonial masters.

Leaders like Togbe Afedi fought relentlessly to halt the creation of Oti, claiming it was for the Volta Region, so does it mean that region is not for Ghana? Of course, it is obvious that inwardly he also wanted a separated nation called Western Togoland. His efforts to draw along all Anlo and Tognu chiefs behind him came to naught when the Oti people won their “war of independence”.

So, today, someone who was more than twenty-two years in 1956, and definitely voted during the Plebiscite, is out telling us a whole different story. It is a great shame on him, someone of that age who should be telling the truth and encouraging the younger ones to do same.

The challenge facing this country now is that, and in my opinion, we should take this Western Togoland issue very seriously and sooner than later come to a logical conclusion. I, and here again, will reiterate that if the Kudzodzi and the Northern Ewes want to go, they should be allowed to go and form their own country of 4,824.7 sq. km in peace. Peki down to Anlo had never been under German Togoland but in the Gold Coast, and the northern parts of British Togoland voted to be in union with Ghana, so case closed.

We do not want any Bangladesh or Southern Sudan here. All said, this is not a situation to feel vindicated, but this is a situation where Ghanaians must rise up and think this problem through to its logical conclusion, for peace to remain.

Readers, please, do accept the fact that these few disillusioned people are planting and cultivating their selfish desire to secede in the minds of the vulnerable. Today, we may be dealing with, at most, two hundred people, but it could grow to two hundred and fifty thousand tomorrow and growing.

And considering Wedome Ewes in the security forces and other high places of authority, one can imagine what will happen if war breaks out. We do not want any bloodshed because we are one people, and there are intermarriages between Ewes and other tribes, so we are family, we are one.

Kudzodzi can loosely translate as death is rejoicing, we should not rejoice in this kind of Charles Kormi Kudzodzi’s death.

Hon. Daniel Dugan











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