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The NDC and New Constituencies, Aisha and Woyome

botchway May 13, 2019


All about New Constituencies: Recently, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) issued an unwarranted warning to the Electoral Commission (EC) about its perception that the latter was about to create new constituencies.

It is quite obvious here that our largest opposition party is up to some mischief, since, as things stand, there is the need for the creation of some new constituencies, if not any at all, then, at least, one.

New assemblies and regions have been created over the past two years, and as the law stands, no district is to fall within two regions, and no constituency is to fall within two districts and/or two regions. With the creation of new assemblies and regions, it is very possible that a constituency or more may find themselves in two districts or regions, as in the case of Hohoe Constituency, which, by its boundaries, now falls in both the Oti and Volta regions.

As at now, one does not know the full political jurisdiction of the Member (NDC) for Hohoe, Madam Bernice Adiku Heloo.

During the creation of the Oti Region, a large chunk of the Hohoe Constituency, comprising Santrokofi, Akpafu, Likpe, Lolobi (SALL) and Borrie, and made up of about twenty-three towns and uncountable villages, fell into the new region. In the event that SALL becomes a district, due to its land size and population, this area will have to be a constituency on its own.

At the moment, SALL is without any district and without any representative in Parliament, and it is only the creation of a district and constituency that would make the people there have full rights as Ghanaians.

As things stand, if nothing is done about this and the National Identification Authority begins registration of people in the Oti Region from July 15, 2019 to August 1, 2019, the indigenes and residents in this area will not know what district to put down in their records as their district.

By right, appropriate measures must be made to get a representative for the SALL people in the House. But one thing here, if the NDC will suggest that the portion of Hohoe Constituency, which now lies in Oti, must be collapsed and merged into another constituency, then it will behove by social justice to also collapse that portion of the constituency in the Volta Region, because, by land size and population, the SALL is larger, and then we shall have 274 seats in Parliament, reducing the NDC World Bank by one.

I will advise the NDC to be honourable enough to assist the EC Commissioner do her work, or stay clear and out of her way, especially in matters of the creation of constituencies and reviewing of the voters’ register.

On this point of having a new voters’ register, the NDC cannot pretend it is not important, since Mrs Charlotte Osei, the immediate past EC Chairperson, had publicly accused her deputy, Mr Amadu Sulley, of illegally padding up, as in adding on to the already completed register, tens of thousands of additional names, made up of unqualified persons. Our Voters’ register is over-bloated.

The NDC should be the first to tell Ghanaians that the creation of new constituencies does not necessary favour ruling governments. This noise about the alleged twenty-five new constituencies being politically manipulated to favour the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government is neither here nor there.

The NDC could not have won any seat in Kumasi without the creation of the Asawase Constituency after the Asokwa East and Asokwa West constituencies were realigned to form Asawase and Oforikrom constituencies. And the forty-five constituencies created in 2012 during the NDC era, came out to favour the NPP, which picked up majority of those seats.

If the NDC’s First Deputy Minority Chief Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim, wants to be honest, he should come out and talk about the need to have SALL, and all such areas in Ghana, hanging without a district and/or constituency to be given districts and constituencies. It is the role of the opposition in matters like this is to present a case for the “orphan political and administrative areas”, and ask the Majority to join them make a case for the Electoral Commission to come out with an immediate programme to get new MPs for such “areas.” This sensational mischief meant to create confusion and chaos does not speak well of a lawmaker and an honourable person.

Asia Huang aka Aisha is a name that will remain on the minds of the majority of Ghanaians for such a long, long, time for all the wrong reasons. This Chinese Big Boss dominated the illegal mining sector and reigned as a ruthless monarch, who could kill anyone who crossed her path.

It was, therefore, a shock to many Ghanaians when the news got out that after her arrest, she was peacefully ushered out of town to go and be seen here no more. I was one of many who never understood why the Attorney General could not descend heavily on her and have her locked up in jail, as the Chinese would have done to any Ghanaian caught violating their laws in their country.

If the explanation given by the Senior Minister is to be accepted, one can only suggest that may be Asia Huang was under some diplomatic cover, and so are all Chinese doing illegal businesses in this country, and the rest of Africa. In other words, such persons were and are officially commissioned and given blessings in China and sent down to Africa, and of course Ghana, to do what they are doing here.

I guess the new Chinese Ambassador, H.E. Shi Ting Wang, must come clean about this instead of blaming us for allowing his people into this country, and leading them to the illegal mining areas. Remember that his predecessor “our Governess,” H.E. Sun Baohong, had the nerves to insult Ghanaians in the face, when she warned us never to say that her people are misconducting themselves in Ghana.

We also remember what a head of a Chinese delegation to Ghana to assist us in calling the Chinese here to order, said to us through our NDC government members. He said we should remember that we have been given Chinese loans to develop our country, so we should leave the Chinese alone. As if to say, we were not going to pay the loans, meanwhile, they cannot account for our gold.

Both the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party governments might have seen something we, the ordinary Ghanaian, are yet to see in the Chinese, and so it will be unfair to hang the Senior Minister for comments he made about Asia Huang aka Aisha.

Meanwhile, the Northern Regional Police Command arrested a 43-year-old Chinese woman for illegally transporting a large quantity of Rosewood to Tema for export to China.

Ms Huang was arrested at the Vittin police checkpoint on the Tamale-Yendi highway escorting the trucks, with registration numbers BA 2225 C and GR9720-12, from the Yendi direction through the Tamale metropolis enroute to Tema.

The suspect, Helena Huang, was however, released on bail and asked to report to the police, yet reports say she cannot be traced after vanishing from the Northern Region..

Is this another case of another Huang?

And Woyome Still Walks: Recently after the comments made by Snr. Minister Yaw Osafo Maafo came public, the NDC made a campaign promise that a future NDC government will trigger extradition process to bring down Asia Huang to face prosecution for illegal mining in Ghana. Certainly, this is a piece of joke in an attempt to paint the NPP government as an irresponsible one.

It is such an unpardonable insult to Ghana and Ghanaians, which wants to make us look stupid and vulnerable, not to know who is on our side and who is against us. For, during the Atta Mills administration, the NDC’s hen that lays golden eggs for it, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, its major financier, cheekily stole GH¢51 million from the national coffers, and yet, he could not be made by the then government to refund the money. Ever since this news broke, the NDC, then in government and no win opposition will come out to defend this robbery with out-of-sense arguments that their man never used force to acquire the money. He never broke into the bank to steal the money, so he did nothing wrong, they claim.

A political party, which was born out of a blood thirsty tradition which killed people for only legally acquiring personal loans from the banks to build their houses, is today telling us that it is okay after all to steal millions from the bank, so long as you do not break into the vault or till box.

The NDC administration boldly came to say it was not interested in pursuing Woyome to return the loot, and thus discontinued the case in court. And today, Woyome is claiming Ghana had erred in demanding he repays what he stole, and keeps heading from court to court around the globe to defend and protect his honour, and daring us to call him a thief, while he claims we, the victims, have rather done him more harm.

In such a situation, how can anyone believe that any government formed by the NDC can bring Asia Huang down to face the law? If you cannot catch fish in your own fish pond, you must not claim you can catch fish in the ocean. And yes, if you cannot kill mosquitoes in your own room, how can you say that you can step out with a can of insecticide spray to kill all the mosquitoes in the forest.

Hon. Daniel Dugan









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