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Sankor, Akyinim, Akwidaa cut off from district capital …due to terribly immotorable road

botchway May 10, 2019


From Kwesi Alfred Adams

Farming communities along Sankor, Akyinim and Akwidaa located in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region have been have been cut off from the capital of the district, Agona Nkwanta, to sell their farm produce, following the bad and deplorable nature of the Sankor Akwidaa road. The Sankor Akwidaa road links the area to the capital.

Regrettably, the road is said to be bad, to the extent that vehicles are unable to use it, especially when the rain sets in.

The Sankor to Akyinim road is a 19 kilometres stretch, and considering the deplorable state of it, commercial vehicle drivers have declined plying it.

The Assembly Member for Akwidaa, Cosmos Kwofie, who spoke to this reporter in a telephone interview, confirmed that due to the bad and deplorable state of the main Sankor Akwida road, vehicles have stopped using it.

This, he said, had led to farm produce being left to rot, because there is no transport to cart them to the district capital.

“This is very worrying, and we are appealing to the authorities to try to put our road into shape.” Assembly Member Kwofie told this paper that the road had developed what he termed as ‘manholes’, making it extremely difficult for commercial taxi cabs to use it.

“We wish the road had developed pot holes so that we could fill it with soil, but it is beyond potholes.”

He said the road become worse off, particularly when the rain sets in. Going into the raining season, the Assembly Member said he was in dilemma, because the area was going to be at the receiving end of the expected rains

Kwofie told this reporter that for now, the farming communities in the area have resorted to relying on motorcycles, popularly known as ‘Okada’, to transport and cart their produce as a temporary measure, with the hope that the deplorable road would be put into shape.

He, however, added what had aggravated the problem was the collapse of a bridge on the Dixcove Old Akwidaa road.

He said the bridge, named ‘Mawu Bridge’, caved in last year, and, to date, it is hanging.

He said, together with opinion leaders and chiefs of the area, they had written letters to the District Assembly to help them put the bridge into shape, but no help has come.

He said, considering the importance of the bridge, the community had no other option than to temporary put the bridge into shape.

On his part, the Ebusuapyin of the Anona Royal Akyinim Family, Nana Ansah Kontan, also decried the deplorable state of the road.

He confirmed that the road was in a deplorable state, to the extent that commercial vehicles are unable to use it.

He said the last time he attempted to use the road in a 4×4 vehicle, he could not, because of its bad state. “I could not use the road with my 4×4 vehicle, and this should tell you that the road is in a deplorable state.”

The Akyinim Ebusuapyin called on the government, through the District Assembly, to prioritise the welfare of the people living in Sankor, Akwida, Akyinim and Cape Three Points, since they were silently suffering.

He said, considering the deplorable state of the road, the people of Sankor, Akyinim, Akwidaa and Cape Three Point have been cut away from the district capital where they transact business. ‘This is serious, and it is urgent the road in question is put into shape.” He said he had contacted the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Ebenezer Kojo Kum, but he had failed to prioritise the road.

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