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Stray animals on the streets of Africa’s ‘Cleanest City’, Accra

botchway May 7, 2019


Making Accra the cleanest city in the whole of Africa is a serious pledge that goes way beyond a political promise, but a commitment that compels attitudinal and behavioural changes towards the environment.

A clean environment is the one that is green and has no plastics and other waste material lying indiscriminately and animals are not left to stray and cause havoc to residents.

Nevertheless, individuals’ efforts in working towards the goal are often hampered by others who consider the environment as a mere space that one should only strive to survive in and not act responsibly.

One major issue the file is has observed is the rising incidents of stray animals such as livestock in residential areas. Animals can be quite a hazard for drivers, as every day one is likely to encounter these animals, especially in places like Dansoman.

Ordinarily, it is against the Assembly’s by-laws for animals like cattle, sheep, and goats to stray on the streets, although they are to be seized and the owners made to pay a fine before they are released to them.

Now it is a normal sight to wake to the hearing of cows mooing and grazing on people’s lawns and destroying the plants and flowers in their gardens.

Some of these animals compete with motorists on the streets, and the least spoken about their droppings the better.

Although animals share Planet Earth with humans, it must be noted that farm animals like cattle being reared close to where people live poses a lot of health challenges.

For Accra to become the cleanest city, everything else must be fine-tuned to ensure that people obey the laws. The fines should be increased substantially to make it prohibitive on owners who let their animals run wild on the streets.

Animals have a role and a place in our society, but it is most certainly not on our roads.

India has effectively dealt with stray animals, and we should seek their help in solving this problem, if necessary. Empirical evidence and logics demonstrate that ‘stray’ animals, please note stray, are not beneficial to a country.

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