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Vocational education:  panacea for job creation-Baobab Director

botchway May 6, 2019


    From Naabenyin Joojo Amissah, Kissi.



The Managing Director of Baobab Children Foundation, Madam Edith de Vos, says Vocational and Technical Education hold the key to ending the growing menace of unemployment among developing economies.

Madam de Vos, who is also the founder of the foundation, added that a well tooled vocational institute would be able to train, shape and nurture its students to acquire requisite knowledge and employable skills.

This, she noted, would make them self-employed whereby they would not wait on the central government to employ them in the formal sector of the economy and create a backlog of unemployment.

She stated this during a graduation ceremony held at the school where 19 grandaunts passed out after successfully completing their 3 years intensive training.

According her, people often look down on vocation education saying “we need to change our mindset towards vocational and technical education. The notion that vocational education is for the less intelligent has no scientific proof”.

“All our past students are self-sufficient today because they are all self-employed and are even creating employments for others as well”.

At Baobab, students are thought proficiency 1&2, carpentry and joinery dress making, cane and bamboo, batik tie and die.

The grandaunts were given startup capitals and other equipment that would enable them to start up their businesses, create employment for themselves and others.

Since its inception in 2006, admission of students at Baobab is free with no terminal school fees. Baobab has graduated a total of 61 grandaunts.

Some of the parents whose wards graduated, expressed appreciation to Baobab for the honour done their wards while some of the graduates thanked the Madam Edith and the management of the school for the opportunity given them.

Creating decent employment for the youth is the only surest way of reducing the nagging menace of unemployment in the country and also to help Ghana to achieve SDG target 8.


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