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Referral is not death sentence -Medical Doctor

botchway May 2, 2019


The Medical Doctor at the Sene West District Hospital, Dr. Samuel Akotiah, has given the assurance that when a patient is given referral it does not mean the person has been given the death sentence.

According to Dr. Akotiah, there are various levels in medical treatment, and that when a patient is brought to the Sene West District Hospital, the needed primary care would be given.

“When we do not have a medical officer to deal with a particular situation, a referral is given to a higher hospital with the needed facility, and the same applies to equipment, and should not be mistaken as a death sentence,” he said.

Doctor Akotiah gave the assurance when the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sene West donated an ambulance to the district hospital, which, he noted, would go a long way to help with health delivery.

“Without the ambulance, we have lost a lot of patients. The ambulance is not just a vehicle, while as the person is being taken on referral, medical care is taking place, so by the time the person gets to his or her destination, the person would be stabilized,” he said.

According to the Medical Doctor, the police can arrest one when sick persons are put in private vehicles, and called for support in enhancing health care delivery.

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