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Hawkers adopt hide and seek approach to outsmart City Guards

botchway March 14, 2019

Compiled by Kwesi Alfred Adams                      .
The Central Business District of the Takoradi Metropolis has been turned into a stage where traders, hawkers, truck pushers and City Guards play games of hide and seek.
The traders, hawkers and truck pushers have defied warnings and advice to stop their activities, considering the discomfort and nuisance their activities pose to pedestrians and vehicular movement.
But despite the warnings issued by the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA), the three groups continue to engage in their activities in broad daylight.
The Western File can report that the truck pushers who display their wares on their trucks and have succeeded in taking over the roads and walkways making movement extremely difficult for pedestrians and vehicles.
From the Post Office to Opportunity Bank and U-84, truck pushers have taken over the place, blocking walkways designated for pedestrians.
The activities of the truck pushers have become too embarrassing, raising questions about the work of the City Guards to bring about sanity.
The STMA recently embarked on an exercise to push out hawkers and traders who do not have stores in the main Market Circle to nearby markets.
The Assembly expended millions of cedis in embarking on the exercise, but considering how the hawkers and traders have defied the directive, everything points to the fact that the exercise may have hit the rocks.
This is, because, the hawkers and traders, who are the targets for the STMA demolition exercise, continue to engage in their business with impunity.
With the hawkers and traders, however, they have adopted a strategy to always outsmart the City Guards who patrol the City with the aim of clearing the pavements and streets of these illegal activities.
The hawkers engage in a game of hide and seek to outsmart the City Guards. By the hide and seek strategy, the hawkers hide their wares when the City Guards are on patrol. However, immediately, the patrol van moves off, the hawkers and traders come out from their hiding places to engage in the illegitimate business.
It is extremely embarrassing on weekends, particularly where they are allowed a field day by the STMA to openly engage in their illegitimate business.
Considering how the STMA is being seen to have relaxed it bye-laws regulating illegitimate business in the Central Business District, stakeholders have begun to question whether the Assembly’s bye-laws cease to work during weekends.
It is a nightmare seeing truck pushers particularly, virtually taking over the pavements during weekends in the name of buying and selling.

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