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Things Fall apart At UEW … VC goes on sacking spree, students up in arms … Afenyo Markin warns of dire consequences

botchway March 13, 2019

By Kwesi Alfred Adams and Naabeyin Jojo Amissah                    .
Things appear to be falling apart on the campus of the University of Education, Winneba, following the dismissals of three lecturers by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Thomas Broni. The three lecturers are Professor Ephraim Avea Nsor, Dr. Frimong Kaakyire Duku, and Dr. Sarpong, a former Alumini President.
The students, who are not happy with the action taken by the Vice Chancellor, embarked upon a demonstration on campus yesterday to register their disproval.
The Member of Parliament (MP) for Effutu, Alexander Afenyo Markin, who led a long legal battle to ensure sanity at the university, which resulted in the appointment of Prof Afful Broni as Vice Chancellor, also took to his facebook wall to warn about the dire consequences of the action taken by the VC.
Sources close to the university told The Chronicle that Dr Kaakyire in particular was sacked because, he, together with six others, allegedly initiated a court action against the university. To the university, he did not exhaust the internal structures for settling disputes before proceeding to court.
On the part of Dr. Sarpong, he was allegedly dismissed for excusing himself from a University Council meeting. The dismissal of the three, together with several junior staff members, has led to an uneasy calm on the campus of the university.
The students yesterday blocked the main campus street with blocks and tables. They carried placards, some of which read ‘bring back our Lecturers.’
Meanwhile, the following is Mr Afenyo Markin’s facebook wall post in reaction to the developments at the university. “Alhassan Bawa, a lecturer at UEW has been hired by Afful Broni to attack me. Well, I wonder why Afful Broni is refusing to write the articles himself. I know Bawa’s grammar is very poor. Afful Broni is digging his own trap pit, and very soon he will fall deep into it. Time shall speak. Afful Broni, in his cassock and without shame, viciously attacked the image of Avoke, but time has exposed all the lies.
“As the inevitable awaits him, he is now using Bawa and a busy body independent candidate to neutralise me through character assassination. Destroying the lives of the others can’t be part of any Christian virtue. Avoke, Avea Nsoh, Bekoe, Sarpong, Dennis, Kaakyire and Ahmed Jinapor will soon see real justice. In fact, many others will see their dignity being restored, and it shall be like a dream. The ravening clouds shall not long be victorious.
“When Afful Broni was busily releasing university documents at dead night to implicate his boss, was he sacked? When Bawa was writing articles against Avoke, was he sacked? Didn’t Avoke call him to his office to know his concerns?
“Why such heartless victimisation? Aren’t some of these victims Catholics? Aren’t they children of God? How can Afful Broni crucify Avoke for awarding contracts irregularly, and after getting him out, turns round to uphold the same contracts and pay more money? Was the motive merely to take over by any means necessary? If tribalism was bad yesterday at UEW, then it is bad today as well.”

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