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Candid piece of advice to Mr. John Mahama

botchway March 12, 2019

(Advocate against cheating and of peaceful co-existence)

On Saturday February 23, 2019, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) conducted its presidential primary. You won overwhelming with a staggering number of 213,487 votes, representing 95.23% of the total valid votes of 224,184, cast, and beating six presidential aspirants who shared an aggregate of 4.77% of the votes among them.
What this huge victory means is that the party you led into opposition during the 2016 presidential and legislative elections still has confidence in you to win back power in the 2020 elections.
The Chronicle believes that to achieve such a feat against the background of the rapid development of the country by the present administration is, undoubtedly, arduous. The road to victory is, indeed, tortuous, and it needs genuine, concerted, sincere and honest efforts to reach the realm of victory.
This is because, the 2020 elections involves the whole country, that is, all eligible voters are from all corners of the country and NOT delegates for presidential primaries.
Additionally, Ghanaian voters are now politically discernible, and the results of election 2016 confirmed this. To be able to win the votes of the people does not lie in hefty pockets of presidential and parliamentary candidates.
If this is not so, you would have easily won the 2016 elections, since, at that time, you had the incumbency advantage, with huge resources at your disposal.
Perhaps, you may also wish to employ other means in accordance with the popular saying that “if a visually impaired says he will throw a stone at you, it means he is standing on one.” Your recent threat of using violence – the boot for boot call – to win the 2020 elections, confirms this.
Your Excellency, we see in you a relentless determination to come back and prove to Ghanaians that your mission to develop the country was not completed before cruel fate removed you from the saddle of governance.
This can be achieved on the following conditions: Your electioneering campaigns must be clean, devoid of any personal attacks on your presidential rivals.
Whenever you mount platforms during your campaign tours, try as much as possible to convince Ghanaians that you want them to re-elect you to be able to prove to them that you can do far better than what the current administrations has done and is still doing.
Tell your audience you have better plans for the implementation of the free Senior High School (SHS) programme. Be specific to let the audience know what exactly you are going to do with the programme which has already won national and international commendations.
Eradication of corruption is one of the concerns of Ghanaians, and giving them positive assurance of how you are to minimise, if not improve upon it, will surely give you previous votes so much yearned for to boot out the current administration.
The same thing applies to efforts by the current administration to saturate Ghana with factories in its bid to arrest the menace of unemployment. Equally urgent is its Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) programme, which has resulted in the exportation of plantain, etc.;
One village, One Dam (1V1D), which has enabled farmers in Northern Ghana to grow foodstuffs all year round, etc. Perhaps, you may think of increasing the monthly allowances of trainee teachers and nurses to woo them overwhelmingly.
You are already aware of the bad nature of the roads in Ghana, which forced you, while you were in power, to visit some places in helicopters. You will have to convince the people in such areas, such as Afram Plains, that when you are re-elected, all the roads will be asphalted, with some of them being given dual carriageway status.
Your Excellency, Ghanaians are very sensitive with security matters. They, therefore, hate to hear their politicians encouraging violence in all its ramifications. They will, therefore, not tolerate activities which encourage their followers to take arms against peace-loving Ghanaians. If, even you are capable of paying $1 billion to each voter, they would still shun your company like how children dread kaakaamotobi.
This column sincerely believes that you too can fly politically, since you have all it takes to win back your power.
In conclusion, I want to draw the attention of Your Excellency to the fact that respect is mutual. Politicians, specifically political heads, who do not respect their people, are the ones who subject the ruled to unacceptable acts of violence, corruption and excruciating hardships.
In such a situation, the people will also not respect such leaders and will always vote against them at the appropriate time.
Welcome, once again, to the platforms of electioneering campaigns towards the battlefield of Election 2020, where a visionary Warrior patiently awaits with the spiritual banner carrying the battle cry of “THE BATTLE IS THE LORD’S.”

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