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TMA takes sanitation a step further

botchway March 4, 2019

The Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) says it will be deploying sanitation officers to ensure that residents adhere to the environmental by-laws of the Assembly.
That way, residents would be disciplinedin keeping their environment clean, as the sanitation officers would summon anybody found engaging in bad environmental practices.
Felix Mensah Nii Annang-La, TMA Chief Executive, has, as part of his ‘Restoration Agenda’ for the Harbour City, said that sanitation is high on his vision, but the more the assembly carries out its routine sanitation exercises, the recalcitrance of the residents makes the township unhygienic.
For example, over the weekend, whilst the majority of residents, traders, drivers and personnel from the Eastern Naval Command were in the drains and streets busily de-silting and cleaning the town, some recalcitrant persons sat on the fence.
And this attitude, the MCE observed, was unpatriotic, mainly, because the TMA, like all the other assemblies, is being gracious in the strict enforcement of the by-laws on poor sanitation.
Therefore, at a well-attended town hall meeting at Tema Newtown, where a tall agenda was tabled for discussion, Felix Mensah Nii Annang-La told the gathering that all was set for the assembly to dispatch sanitation officers to punish anybody who failed to keep their environment clean.
He said the assembly had scheduled a series of clean up exercises, and it was important everybody took part in them, since sanitation is a shared responsibility.
The nauseating Chemu Lagoon at Tema Manhean, he said, would be dredged and de-silted in a fortnight.
Additionally, the lagoon has a high saline potency for salt mining, and, in view of this, the TMA Chief Executive said the assembly has had extensive discussions with some Danish partners who had shown interest in developing the place for a salt mining project.
He continued that the Tema Manhean lorry terminal would receive a major facelift, including storey buildings and toilet facilities to improve on the sanitation of the area.
The Community One market would see a new architectural modification with a chain of storey buildings and spacious aisles, after which all traders along the main road of the central business market would be relocated to ease the daily phenomenon of vehicular traffic on that stretch.
“All these are aimed at improving on our sanitation challenges in Tema. We need a clean environment to trade and do other profitable things to improve on our health as Ghanaians.
“I, therefore, need your cooperation to succeed; bearing in mind that anybody caught harming the environment would not be spared, should they be caught by our sanitation officers. It is high time we enforced strict laws for our own benefit,” he said.

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