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Politicisation of issues must stop!

botchway March 4, 2019

As it is generally known that it is through the profession of politics that a country is governed. The prosperity or retrogression of any country depends on how politicians use politics.
African countries are generally known to be poor due to the fact that most politicians use politics not for the purpose of developing their countries, but mainly to amass wealth and live in comfort with their family members, concubines, etc.
However, when their inefficiency comes to be known, they try, as much as possible, to find a scapegoat to bear their cross. For instance, when a politician is caught red-handed dipping his hands into the national coffers, he, without hesitation, puts the blame on his or her political rival, saying that the latter is responsible for his/her woes.
By this accusation, he/she means that somebody from the other political divide wants his/her downfall, and, thus, has managed to bring his/her shortcomings to the fore, to let him/her be the laughing stock in the society.
Presently, there is a very unfortunate situation in the country which threatens to deepen the already bad blood between the two main political parties – the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC), which is the largest opposition party.
There is this story of a leaked tape attributed to the National Chairman of the NDC, Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, which borders on a recording of a secret post-Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election meeting of the NDC.
The said tape reportedly revealed chilling strategies the party intends to use for the 2020 elections. Kidnappings and use of vigilante groups for attacks on the clergy and all who are considered stumbling blocks to the NDC’s electoral success.
The NDC is pointing accusing fingers at the NPP as being the brains behind moves to mischievously record the NDC Chairman, and even contended that the Chairman’s utterances had been doctored.
But, the NPP and the government would not take any of these threats kindly, and would do anything to absolve itself, and want the matter investigated.
Whatever the case and position of the two main parties, The Chronicle finds these accusations and counter-accusations ridiculous, as they are childish, because each of the parties would want to blame the other for nothing.
Mr. Ofosu Ampofo has already been invited by the Criminal Investigations Department for interrogation in connection with the said audio recordings.
We take this opportunity to prevail on the Inspector-General of Police to handle this issue to the best of his capability, and professionally at that. The best thing the authorities should do is to embark on painstaking investigations to unearth the truth, for them to take the necessary action. Making other politicians a scapegoat cannot solve the problem.
As for the probe of the occurrences at the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections, the Emile Short Commission comes handy to provide all the answers there are to assuage the fears of complainants and defendants, and the larger public as a whole. It is, therefore, important that we all exercise restraint and wait for the outcome of the enquiry.
The Chronicle passionately appeals to our politicians to desist from this practice of reading politics into every issue. The country is already saddled with a lot of problems – poor educational system, poor roads, dilapidated school buildings, general poverty, misery, etc.
Let us think of how to solve these problems rather than engaging in unproductive blame games which do nothing, other than divide the country and retard its developmental process.

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