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Don Bosco Institute to train youth in solar panel installation

botchway February 19, 2019

The Salesians of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute, Ashaiman, has opened admission for the youth into solar panel installation and repairs.
This follows the high demand for the alternative source of energy, and the lack of well-trained personnel to carry out routine maintenance of most of Ghana’s streetlights, which are solar powered.
Already, the Salesians of Don Bosco have visited some of Ghana’s countryside, where some of the youth had been trained on how to repair their solar lanterns, in case they develop faults.
The Don Bosco in Ashaiman would be the training centre for renewable energy, and Father Michael Karikunnel, Provincial, said the school would outline six modules of training for new entrants who have no basic knowledge in electrical wiring, and a different module for persons with knowledge in electrical wiring.
Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET), he said, is what most developed countries have hinged on, but, in the case of Ghana, Father Michael observed that lack of cooperation between the industry and technical schools has deprived the country from getting its skilled youth to be innovative.
“The passion of Don Bosco is to rehabilitate the destitute, and since the life blood of every nation is its youth, we are poised to give the unemployed youth hope with this technical training,” he explained.
The school has been better restructured, and Father Michael said Don Bosco Training Institute would use local materials to equip the students for the job market.
“There should be more solar panel electricians in the country, especially, when more households and companies are switching from hydro-electricity to renewable sources of energy like solar,” he concluded.

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