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Ajumador market opens up village

botchway February 19, 2019

The Chief of Ajumador near Afienya in the Ningo-Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region, Nene Afutu Nartey III, has constructed a new market with ancillary facilities for the people of area.
The market is sited on a five and a half-acre parcel of land, and since it was opened in January this year, it has boosted the local economy of the area, besides improving the living standard of traders.
The new market facility, Yoo Yumu Market, is surrounded by several dominant farming communities, where farmers bring their produce to sell on two market days – Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Strategically located along the Dawhenya-Afienya highway, the market draws traders and farmers from Tsopoli, Afienya, Ningo, Prampram, Dawhenya, Kpong, as well as parts of the Volta Region, who go to sell their wares and produce.
Though Ajumador is a developing area, Nene Nartey III has erected few security lights in the market, and has begun the construction of open wooden sheds to save the traders and their wares from the rains.
Traders who, at the moment, have not been allocated sheds sell their wares on tables, and Nene Nartey III expressed the hope that by the end of March this year, he would have been able to put up more sheds for the comfort of the traders and before the rains set in.
He has handed the market to competent women to run, “but, as a father, I need to add my voice to get this place become more attractive and hygienic for anybody who comes to trade here.
“What is, therefore, beyond our financial muscles is fixing the bad road from Dawhenya to Afienya. Our only appeal is that the assembly and philanthropists should come and fix the stretch at our front, because the trucks that ply the road collect thick red dust into the market.
“Aside its health implications, the dust is creating discomfort to traders and customers,” he told Accra File.
The ground is dusty, and Nene Nartey III said plans are far advanced to pave it.

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