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Shatta Michy opens new food business

botchway February 11, 2019

Michy’s new food venture is making waves on social media, it is the Chopius Gizdodo.
The devil is known to find work for ideal hands but he would need to pass over Michy since her hands are full running her booming food business, Chopius.
The mother, singer and philanthropist, Diamond Michelle Gbagonah has social media buzzing with a new lunch favourite after the anguamo chaos. This time everyone is going for sweet plantain and gizzard mix to appease their appetites.
The Chopius brand is fast gaining popularity in Accra and Kumasi. Especially with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, everyone is looking forward to a pack of Chopius to show themselves some love.
Well done Michy, thank you for Chopius Gizdodo!

Source: Pulse.com.gh

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