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Set ablaze, Left to rot …The sad story of 11-year-old boy

botchway February 9, 2019


From William Nlanjerbor JALULAH, Bolgatanga          .

AN ELEVEN year old boy at Pobaga, a suburb of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, has been left to his fate almost a year after a man set him ablaze for allegedly peeping at a woman in a bathroom.

On November 24, 2017, Maxwell Ayinbisa and two of his friends were sent by another man to go and buy petrol from a filling station.

Reeling in excruciating pain while narrating his ordeal to this reporter, little Maxwell said when they were returning from the errand, a man accused him and his friends of peeping at a woman who was taking her bath. This was after the woman raised an alarm that some children were peeping at her.

Luck eluded him when his friends escaped and left him behind. The boy said though he told the suspect he did not commit the offense and pleaded with him to spare him, the suspect would not listen to him.

According to him, the man grabbed him, collected the petrol in a gallon, discharged it on him and struck a match setting him alight.  

Eyewitnesses who were stunned by the suspect’s inhumane action rescued the boy and threatened that the suspect rush him to the hospital, or else they would also burn him in revenge.

He obliged and took the boy to the Regional Hospital where the boy was admitted, and the suspect subsequently arrested.  

When the incident took place, it took the family one week to locate the boy, because the suspect could not trace the family of the boy at Pobaga, as the incident took place at Daweo, also a suburb of Bolgatanga.

The father of the victim, Mustahpa Rahamani, said since the incident happened things have been extremely difficult for the family to cater for the health needs of the boy.

He said though the suspect, from the beginning, took care of medical bills of the boy, that has stopped, a situation, he lamented, has made the boy not to receive proper care.

“God says we should tell the truth. They took care of the boy to a point and stopped. A human being is not dead but is getting rotten, and he is my son, I can’t let him suffer like that, so sometimes I have to call the assembly man to talk to the boy [suspect] to help, but sometimes he will tell me I am wasting his time.”

At a point, he asked us to be writing down the expenses for him to pay later, but we did all that and he refused to pay. Sometimes I will go to the chief’s house, and he will call the suspect to come, but he will not mind us.

As I am talking to you, water is coming from the boy’s head and it’s not good at all. And if you sit by him, he smells because his wounds have not been dressed, because the hospital people say the medicine they use to clean his wounds have finished, and unless he brings his health insurance, they won’t dress it for him,” the victim’s father narrated.

Meanwhile, the Bolgatanga Municipal Police Commander, DSP Samuel Punobyin, has said the families of the victim and suspect had reached an agreement that the suspect was to pay all medical expenses before the suspect was granted bail, and not processed for court, as he dismissed claims by the victim’s father that the police has said the case was not with them.

The Commander produced a docket of the case, and said criminal cases have no expiry date, and if it is established that the suspect had reneged in fulfilling his obligation, the police would re-arrest him and put him before court.

His charge, according to the Commander, would be causing harm.


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