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Supreme Court quashes high court rulings on Ga Mantse

botchway February 7, 2019


By Bernice Bessey               .

The drama surrounding the Ga state chieftaincy has taken a new turn, as the Supreme Court yesterday quashed rulings of the High Court concerning the matter.

So far there have been three High Court rulings concerning the Ga chieftaincy issue involving Nii Adama Latse II, known in private life as George Nii Tackie and Dr Kelvin Tackie, over who is the legitimate occupant of the Ga Mantse stool.

However, the five-member bench held that the various high courts, which heard the matter lacked jurisdiction to adjudicate cases involving chieftaincy and that, the judges should have declined jurisdiction when the matter was brought before them for determination.

The bench subsequently annulled the ruling of Justice Naa Adoley Azu, on whose decision the two other judges – Justice Gifty Dekyem and Justice Dan Abodakpi also made their determinations on the chieftaincy case.

The court also struck out a case brought before it by Nii Agyemang Kese, challenging the High Court’s contempt decision against Nii Dodoo Nsaki II by Justice Dan Abodakpi last year.

The counsel for Nii Adama Latse II, Bright Akwetey, speaking to journalists after the court decision accused the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) of interfering with the Ga Chieftaincy issues, stating that it was the second time in their regime that they are trying to impose a  Paramount Chief on them.

Mr Akwetey explained that Nii Adama Latse II, before the NPP came into power in 2017 had already been installed, but instead of working with the ruler to bring development to the people, they are rather using whatever means possible to impose another person on them.

He noted the government in doing so, had taken over the Stool House, as well as the Palace, to prevent the legally installed Paramount Chief, Nii Adama Latse II access, cautioning that the continuation of such interferences will breed confusion.

Mr. Akwetey added that they are not going to rest on their oars unless justice is severed and would seek legal interpretation as to whether the government has the right to interfere with Ga chieftaincy issues, either with the nomination and installment of a person.

The counsel was convinced that Dr Kelvin Tackie was hiding behind the government to interrupt and frustrate Nii Adama Latse from been inducted as the President of Ga Traditional Council (GTC) and to perform his official duties at the Ga Mantse Palace.

“We will see what we will do, whether a government will install Ga Mantse for us. It is the second time the NPP has interfered in Ga Mantse affairs,” he stated.

He also added that, Nii Adama Latse II is still the recognised Paramount Chief of the Ga people, adding that the Supreme Court quashed a writ at the high court challenging the paramount chief and induction into the Greater Accra House of Chief.

Nii Agyeman had gone to the Supreme Court to challenge a ruling of a high court which ordered   Dodoo Nsaki II to induct Adama Latse II as president of GTC, which failed and he was cited and found guilty of contempt.

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