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Appolonia developers call for police protection

botchway February 5, 2019


Scores of developers at Appolonia have appealed to the Ashaiman District Police to protect their properties from land guards who are giving them a horrible time.

The call followed the demolition of several structures, including fence walls, on 40 acres of land at Appolonia,by a certain woman, who, the developers alleged, comes to the site under the heavy protection of land guards.

Activities of land guards have been on the increase in most parts of Greater Accra, as a result of families litigating over stool lands, thereby, resulting in double sales of the same plot of land to different buyers.

However, the developers, whose properties were reduced to debris by the woman, who, they said, they could identify in public, ordered bulldozer operators to raze all structures on the 40-acre stretch.

The woman claimed the 40 acres of land was her property, the affected developers told newsmen.

Regina Blay is one of the victims, and she narrated that that was the second time her structure had been pulled down by the woman.

She told news personnel that she bought her parcel of land from the Appolonia Stool, after she had done a thorough enquiry at the Lands Commission.

Her search was evidenced with a report from the Lands Commission, dated September 20, 2018, and signed by Ruth Mawunyo Asuo, for the Executive Secretary, and the report, with number PVLMDAOS176452018, stated that the said land, which is not state land, was entered in judgement on April 12, 2010, in favour of four composite families.

They are Nii Iddrisu Mansro of the Bediako We, Seth Gblie of the Kojo We, Seth Affum of the Sanshie Sackey We, and Nii Tei Adumoah II.

Armed with this detailed information from the Lands Commission, Regina Blay said she proceeded to acquire her plot of land for her business and residence from the composite families.

When contacted, Nuertey Amobi Abotsi, acting Stool Secretary and Mankralo of the Appolonia Stool, said the Stool had reported the illegalities of the woman who ordered the demolition to the Tema Regional Police Command, and “we only trust them to protect the legal developers and stop her from her cruelty before things get out of hand.”

He said all Appolonia Stool lands have been registered at the Lands Commission, and “I must state that Appolonia Stool has not sold any 40-acre of land to the woman, who is running amok in the area with land guards.”

Nuertey Amobi Abotsi, however, lauded the Ashaiman Divisional Police Command for dispatching armed personnel to the site last Saturday, when the demolition started.

He said the police were able to impound three bulldozers, “and the Stool hopes that the police would do the ‘proper thing’ by getting the operators of the machines to show who their paymaster is.”

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