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Minister: Set up Voluntary Tax Fund

botchway January 29, 2019


From Kwesi Alfred Adams              .

A Senior Preacher with the Tarkwa New Atuabo Churches of Christ has appealed to the government to consider introducing a ‘Voluntary’ Tax Fund to enable Ghanaians, out of their free will, contribute to it.

He said, considering the number of taxes slapped on Ghanaians, everything pointed to the fact that Ghanaians were suffocating under the government’s tax regime. For this reason, many people have found clever means of evading the payment of taxes.

It is as a result of this that the Tarkwa New Atuabo Church of Christ preacher, Bro Joshua Midson, is advocating for the government to consider scrapping some of the taxes and rather replacing them with a Voluntary Tax Fund.

By the voluntary taxation, as espoused by the Church of Christ preacher, it would afford Ghanaians home and abroad the opportunity to freely, out of their own will, contribute into the fund.

Bro Joshua said the Voluntary Tax Fund was good for the country, considering the current state of taxes that has bedeviled the country, which has led to people evading taxes.

Addressing a press conference in Tarkwa recently, Bro Joshua Midson, giving an insight into how the fund could be implemented, added that the voluntary tax could be done by the Metropolitan, Municipal and District assemblies.

By this, the three assemblies would set up funds in their jurisdictions, where Ghanaians could own up to freely offer their taxes by way of contributing to the Voluntary Tax Fund. He said if the concept was considered and set up by the Metropolitan, Municipal and District assemblies, each could use the Voluntary Tax Fund to aid in their developmental projects and others.

Giving a biblical quotation to support the concept, Bro Midson said the voluntary tax concept was first introduced under the ancient Israel regime, when God realised that the people of Israel were evading taxes.

This led to God, in Amos 4:5 and 1st Chronicle 29:6, to introduce the voluntary tax concept for the people of Israel.

Bro Joshua said by the aforementioned scripture given to support his argument, everything pointed to the fact that the people of Israel welcomed the voluntary tax and honestly contributed out of their own free will. “It is Gods own idea, and it worked perfect in aiding development in Israel.”

He said when the concept was introduced in Israel it afforded the country to rake in more taxes, considering the fact that the concept was God’s own idea.

The Senior Preacher at the Tarkwa New Atuabo Churches of Christ told the conference that considering the importance of the concept, he petitioned the President with the request to meet him and his team to give highlights on how the voluntary tax would be introduced in line with the Bible.

Interestingly, he said, the petition was declined in a letter addressed to him and signed by the President’s Executive Secretary.

He showed copies of the letter to the press, and said under former President Mahama, the same requested for audience with him on the Voluntary Tax concept but was also declined.

Touching on the building of the National Cathedral, the Preacher urged the President to put a stop to it wherever he may have reached with the building of the project.

This is because the building of the Cathedral could end the reign of the President if he defied biblical advice and warnings to build the Cathedral.

Given the fact that the President had said he made a promise to God to build Him a national cathedral, the Church of Christ preacher said the President’s supposed promise could not be correct.

“If all priests will clap for the President for the building of the Cathedral, we, Churches of Christ, oppose it. This is because, the President, in his campaign, rather promised to reduce taxes and not to build National Cathedral. What we need is reduction of taxes and not building of [a] Cathedral.”

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