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Christ Cornerstone Church makes underprivileged smile

botchway January 24, 2019


Story from Isaac Akwetey-Okunor


The District Head Pastor of the Christ Cornerstone Church at Nkurakan in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region, Pastor Victor Larweh, has donated assorted clothing and foodstuffs to widows and orphans in the Amanga and Asesewa-Akusum farming communities in the Municipality and Upper Manya Krobo District.

The items, which worth GH¢10,000 and included food items, drinks, boxes of soap, bales of clothes, bales of sandals, were giving to over 300 children, the aged, widows and orphans of the two aforementioned communities.

In an interview with the Eastern File, Pastor Victor Larweh stated that helping the needy is what God has placed on his heart, and that he gets pleasure from helping the needy and disadvantaged in society.

“Helping the needy is what God placed on my heart to do, especially orphans and the helpless children. Some children have parents but they do suffer. We do these to show them that God loves them and has not abandoned them,” Pastor Larweh said.

According to Pastor Larweh, helping the disadvantaged in society, especially orphans and helpless children, are God’s way of demonstrating to them that God loves them and has not abandoned them.

“It’s been my heart’s desire to help the needy, and so my church members, including my loved ones from different places, have been helping me to achieve my goals. The work we are doing is not by our own will, but by God’s will to help the poor and the needy,” he underscored.

The donations by Pastor Victor Larweh, according to him, were also aimed at supporting the living conditions of aged women and men, children, widows, etc., to earn a living.

To him, helping the destitute, and not only the taking of offertory from his congregation, remains his focus.

“My vision as a man of God is to support the impoverished in society, but not only taking offerings from the poor to enrich myself.”

The church has established a school which is attended by children for free. “Many people are suffering in our villages and are appealing to the rich and wealthy in society to support such people to survive,” he said.

Last year, the church gave out similar items to some of the farming communities in the Krobo area, such as Prepretifi, Amanga, Opesika Sukwenya and Worapong, all in the Yilo Krobo Municipality.

Pastor Victor Larweh explained that the church undertakes this activity three times a year.

He called on the general public, especially Christians, to give especially to the poor, because there is more blessing in giving than receiving.

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