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Mega Kharis International Ministries outdoored

botchway January 22, 2019


Mega Kharis International Ministries, a Christian denominational centre, has been outdoored at Adenta, after a release from its mother church, Logos Rhema Adenta Community Assembly.

The smooth release followed Reverend Samuel Shamoson Glory Abbey’s 22 years of dedicated and humble service to Dr Reverend Abu Brako, Founder of the Logos Rhema Adenta Community Assembly.

And to demonstrate that he still revered his ‘master’, Reverend Abbey worshiped with his mother church on Sunday morning, and later in the day Dr Rev Brako joined the congregation of Mega Kharis International Ministries to officially perform the outdooring ceremony.

In an interview with Accra File, Reverend Abbey said the journey to be rebranded started 14 months ago, when he felt led to seek a release from Logos Rhema.

Despite the churches going their separate ways, Reverend Abbey saluted his mentor, Dr Rev Brako, for the training and leadership qualities he had been able to emulate whilst serving under him.

The kingdom mission and agenda of the two would not change, except that Mega Kharis International Ministries would be a decentralised church, where the congregation and community would be trained in entrepreneurship, in addition to teaching the Holy Bible for heavenly guidance.

“At Mega Kharis International Ministries, the congregation will be put to work to change their life style to eventually affect their communities. We will be people centered, and that is the difference we are bringing in Christendom,” the business-minded Reverend Abbey explained.

To end with, he admonished the ‘one man prophets’ to learn to ethically communicate their prophecies to avoid unnecessary tensions, “and we can all learn from how Prophet Nathan, in the Old Testament, ethically communicated prophecies to his leaders.

“There must be morality in our communications as shepherds.”


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