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Alleged rapist blatantly threatening victim’s family, sympathisers

botchway December 29, 2018


By Bernice Bessey

The family of a 14-year-old defiled teenager says their lives and that of their sympathisers are being threatened by the suspected rapist, Omar Mohammed Mahmud, who is said to have several names and nationalities and cohorts.

Omar Mohammed Mahmud is a Yemeni by nationality, and is alleged to have about 20 different passports and other identities.

According to the family and one of the sympathisers, Hassan Zein, although the suspect has concurred to the crime before the National Chief Imam, as well as been arrested by the police and put on bail, he has resulted to issuing threatening warnings to them in order to avert justice.

Lawyer Justice Abdulai, speaking on behalf of the family and Hassan Zein, indicated that since 2017 when the incident happened and was reported to the Madina Police, nothing significant had been done about issue, yet the suspect goes round threatening his clients.

Addressing the media in Accra Thursday, Mr Abdulai stressed that Omar, soon after his release from police custody, took to his heels and escaped from the country, however, his resurfacing had been nothing but trepidation.

“Our clients instructed us sometime in October 2018, …they got information about the return of Omar Mohammed Mahmud into the country and swiftly got their lawyers to petition the Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Police Headquarters, to take over investigation and prosecution of the matter in accordance with the law, since the Madina Police has not demonstrated good conduct of the matter,” he said

Since nothing is seen to being done about the issue, the suspect, with impunity, is said to be sending videos of himself and others wielding fire arms to the victim’s family and all concerned, threatening to kill them.

Among the threats Omar is using include shooting and cocking of guns in short videos, character assassination, and defamation among others. He added: “Omar and his cohorts have commenced a dangerous but systematic campaign [to] destroy the hard-earned reputation of Hassan Zein through the use of social and traditional media platforms.”

Though the issue is of security concern and has been reported to the security agencies and individuals like the Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, the Minister for the Interior and the Malian Ambassador to Ghana, nothing substantial has been done about the matter.

Meanwhile, on December 22, 2018, around 1:00 am, the victim’s family was attacked by thugs wielding guns at their residence but escaped unhurt, and in the form of a well-orchestrated plan, other persons connected to the case were attacked simultaneously.

Similarly, the brother of the victim escaped gunshots while driving, from unknown assailants, something he believes was the handiwork of Omar, nevertheless, the incident was reported to the Kwabenya Police.

Mr Abdulai, hence, is praying the government to intervene in the matter, since his clients are living in fear and the businesses of Hassan Zein are suffering, adding: “If two Yemenis were brought to the country and the whole nation will cry woe, what about thugs of Yemeni; immigrants who have smuggled ammunitions into the country.”

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