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Ashanti NPP Chairmen commend executives

botchway December 27, 2018


From Ernest Best Anane, Kumasi           .

The members of the Ashanti Regional Caucus of New Patriotic Party Constituency Chairmen have expressed their profound and heartfelt felicitations and goodwill to all polling stations, electoral areas, constituencies and regional officers, ministers, parliamentarians, metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives, chief executive officers and other members of the Patriotic Party fraternity for the untiring, unflinching, unwavering and unalloyed contributions towards the success and sustenance of their great party and government.

According to the Caucus, it was optimistic it would witness more vigorous and sustainable efforts from all stakeholders, including the party and government, to strengthen and enhance the fortunes and positive direction of their great party and purposeful government to continue on the discourse to bring prosperity to the good people of Ghana.

In the press release signed by Mr. Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, Chairman of the Caucus, he admonished all party faithful to remain loyal, committed, sincere and honest to the ideals, principles and programmes of the party and government, to ensure its continued stay in government for a very long time.

They, moreover, expressed their profound gratitude to the President, his Vice, and their staffers for the hard work to restore the hope of Ghanaians in the economy, and prayed that God continues to give them strength, wisdom and knowledge to deliver more effectively in 2019.

God richly bless Ghana, the NPP and government in the year 2019.


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