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Dominion University College holds 4th graduation, 5th matriculation

botchway December 24, 2018


By Bernice Bessey              .

The Dominion University College has held its 4th Graduation and 5th Matriculation ceremony in Accra, with the aim to produce human resource personnel who are capable of meeting the challenges of the 21 Century.

The University College, in performing this role, graduated 113 students with degrees and 61 with Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes in Science and Technology and Business.

The theme for this year’s graduation and matriculation ceremony was “Producing 21st Century work ready graduates.”

Professor Felix Nikoi Hammond, Chairman for the Governing Council and interim President of the Dominion University College, lamented over the high cost of running private higher institutions of learning in the country, due to the high fees paid to supervisory bodies.

According to him, private universities pay fees to the National Accreditation Board (NBA) on the courses they run, and have to renew same with a cost plus addition to be honoured to affiliated public institutions.

To him, over charging of fees from private institutions which are also contributing their quota to education and to build the workforce was not sustainable, as it serves as an impediment to their growth and progress as stakeholders in development.

He also suggested that the government should consider it prudent to set aside a special fund that would be used to support every Ghanaian child in his/her tertiary education, so that whether they chose to attend a public or private university, the fund can be used to subsidise the fees.

Prof Hammond felt it was not right that students in public universities have their fees subsidised by the government, while they are all Ghanaians and needed to be treated equally per the law.

With the graduation class, he charged them to bear in mind that learning is a lifelong and continuing activity, stressing that the world is bursting with information, knowledge and innovation, as well as holding countless opportunities for those who are well prepared:

“It is for this very reason that your education at Dominion has sought to make you an independent and analytical learner, rather than a role learner. Keep learning and continue with the Dominion tradition of intellectual curiosity.

“Use the knowledge and experiences you have acquired at Dominion responsibly and ethically to benefit yourself. Do your utmost to leave an estimable and lasting legacy and a footprint that will inspire those that follow you.”

Currently, the university is partnering the Weber State University, African Technology Innovation Centre and other institutions of higher learning to provide training for about 3,000 female students in ICT and skills development.

The ceremony was graced by Prof Richard Fry, Weber State University, and Nana Baafour Dr. Ossei Hyamann Brantuo VI.


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